Apparently is shutting down, so had to move my profile to! Luckily, I was able to also move the followers, though apparently Mastodon doesn't currently also let you move the "toots"... At least I have them backed up though, so maybe one day! Until the end of March, you can see my old toots at

Welcome. Hope you like it here. It's a bit slow at first but look around, follow people that seem interesting and soon you'll be in the middle of it. If you haven't and are of a mind to, send an or toot with your interests.

Custom emoji list for Fosstodon:

Kev's most excellent article about getting started:

Brandon's blog on discovery on Mastodon:


Even though you're not a fediverse noob, I sent you my standard welcome msg. If nothing else, now you have the emoji list.

@Tayo i'm the noob here but now i know how to use emojis! :thonking:

I look forward to witnessing your emoji wizardry.😃

@jonhoo Well then - welcome, traveller 🚀! I hope you enjoy this friendly community! 😀

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