Why is it, in 2021, we still have to pull all the wires out of a printer, reboot, plug them back in, think happy thoughts, and pray to the maker in order for anything to ever print successfully on any printer for any operating system ?

@jonbeckett wrong maker. I bought a Brother laser printer 8 years ago. I had zero issues whatsoever with any OS. And none of the other usual printer issues people have on this planet. Maybe it's consumer-grade vs. professional? @ChrisWere

@jonbeckett sorry but this never happened to me on Linux and Android with an HP printer since it supports IPP and other standard protocols

@jonbeckett it’s part of the reason starting printer techs get paid so much more than starting field installation techs in my region


Office Space gave us a detailed how to guide on troubleshooting printers.

@jonbeckett I don't know; lately I can just systemctl restart cups.service but that's just me. And uh... isn't entirely obvious to most folks probably that doing that is a good idea.

I bet that in 200 years, the teleport devices will have the same problems 😅

Guess it's because the vendors are more focused on adding DRM to their cartridges than making a good product.

@jonbeckett Wirecutter had a funny line on printers. Something like "The only good printer is $10k and has a maintenance technician come every month, otherwise they are all crap"

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