After following @paraga's references to and then falling down something of a rabbit hole at I'm now wondering if Twitter might lead the charge among the titans to decentralise. The fediverse is a good defence against political hacks claiming bias.

Why is it, in 2021, we still have to pull all the wires out of a printer, reboot, plug them back in, think happy thoughts, and pray to the maker in order for anything to ever print successfully on any printer for any operating system ?

Sometimes the internet is it's own worst enemy. Everybody has half the facts, and half a solution. Quite often you end up reading between the lines of wildly different solutions which inform you what's REALLY going on.

Interesting. After changing Google password last night, noticed 2FA prompts on Android phone had stopped working. After reading around (twenty different solutions), just disabled 2FA, and re-enabled it - solved.

Finally grabbed the bull by the horns and worked through all of the various logons for disparate systems, resetting passwords, and logging them in KeePassXC. Synced the database to the cloud, and hooked up Keepass2Android on my phone. I should have done this a long time ago.

My long suffering laptop is getting a taste of Endeavour OS a little later today :)

You know how Goodreads has a wonderful database of quotations? They need a big fat button next to each quotation, with "They didn't say that" written on it.

It has Windows on it. It doesn't get as far as booting - it skips to network boot at the BIOS. I've re-written the MBR and the boot sector after booting from a Windows USB stick. That's what gave me the idea about Neverware Cloudready (it's an old computer - not worth the effort of doing much else). Very odd that you can see the drive, and there are no problems with it *once booted*. Just during boot, the BIOS doesn't find it *at all*.

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My other half works at an infant school (she's "the lady in the office") - one of her co-workers gave her his laptop for me to look at yesterday. It *appears* the HDD controller on the motherboard has started to fail - I can boot into a Linux via a USB stick. Therefore I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver some very low profile USB sticks, and then he's going to get a fresh install of Neverware Cloudready (essentially Chrome OS). I can see this happening a lot in the next few years...

Just re-installed FSUAE and Dosbox on my laptop, so I can pretend it's still 1990 :)

Just reading about Trump's "Truth Social" - where people will post "truths". In what crazy-ass world is something a "truth" just because you say it is? Oh yes - that's right - the world that existed in the US Whitehouse from 2016 to 2020 :)

You know the one where you lost most of the weekend playing Elite Dangerous? No? Oh well... never mind.

Urgh... looks like the unsplash API for fetching public domain images is down. I *hope* this isn't GettyImages wading in and wrecking a previously *really* useful facility.

After messing around with Notion and Evernote over the last couple of months, I've gone back to a paper bullet journal to keep track of what I do each day. There's just something about reviewing calendars and email and WRITING THINGS DOWN that sticks them in my head.

After tinkering with Debian late last night, retreating back to a (very) basic install of Manjaro with XFCE on my old laptop. Will also add a dymo label at the top of the screen - "DO NOT DICK AROUND WITH ANOTHER DISTRO FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS" lol

The only problem with running Linux on old hardware is Snap. Example - a simple internet radio application that should be about 30Mb weighs in at >900Mb.

After trying out both Zorin 16 Core, and Zorin 15 (the XFCE version), I'm going to try Core out on my old laptop for a few weeks. My requirements are fairly minimal (Rhythmbox for radio, Firefox for browser) :)

Tonight I discovered "Joplin" - the open source Evernote alternative. Loving that it handles markdown properly, and can nest notebooks endlessly.

If only I could find a half-decent Linux distro that will run on a PPC G3 iMac without half of the OS being broken :)

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Realised my earlier post about having nothing built by Apple near me wasn't entirely accurate - I have a 20 year old iMac under the desk - mostly because it turned up on EBay a long time ago, and I had money burning a hole in my pocket :)

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