@mike @kev @kelbot I am here because of Librem.one. I suppose I am the ideal use case; I am not going out and finding these services on my own and I want to support the company because I am dying to get their phone. For me, the bundle of services has value because I don't have to set anything up. VPN for example, a couple clicks and I am up running. Purism did post about all the upstream clients but I would like to have seen that linked from the main page.


First post!

Taking my first steps towards removing Google (and other general proprietary snooping crap) from my life,.

Deleting my long-unused Windows partition was a breath of fresh air, similar to deleting my Facebook account, and now I'm seriously considering replacing my Pixel 3 with a Librem 5.

Other changes so far:

Google -> DuckDuckGo
Gmail -> ProtonMail
Google Drive -> pCloud
Slack -> Mattermost

What kind of changes have you guys made?


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