Somebody here wrote about the excellent Street Complete app for editing. As an OSM veteran I had to try it out, and completed all the missing quests in my area - I thought. But now I've levelled up and and my screen is full of new quests, LOL.

@jonas sounds familiar. I experienced the same in my neighborhood :-)

@jonas heh, I thought they showed all quests to all people, without levels?

They keep adding new ones, and AFAIK, they only show 3 different types of quests at a time, so when you've done all of one, it'll show you others.

@jonas @rory You can keep refreshing quests, and it will download new types, until there's nothing left. That's what I do in my area, and I've completed many of them. I hide some of them, like the building type quest, because I'm not interested and that's too much work.

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