Mind the router firmware.

There might be an anonymous device in your home, silently tracking your evry move on the network 24/7, harvesting personal information, reporting to it's master (and that's not you). Proprietary router firmware is scary.

Have a look att Ubiquity's privacy policy:

"we may collect ... mobile devices, sensor data, device signals, device parameters, device identifiers that may uniquely identify your devices, including your mobile device, web request, Internet Protocol address, LOCATION INFORMATION (INCLUDING LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE), PERFORMANCE DATA, MOTION DATA, TEMPERATURE DATA, POWER USAGE DATA, AND ANY DATA OR SIGNALS COLLECTED BY THE DEVICES AS PART OF THE USAGE DATA"

Fortunately we've got FOSS alternatives like .

@jonas My router is official malware - all I have is Huawei/Android.
Or should I say Huawei PLUS Android now.

I tether my 10 gigs/month to devices.
Considering using a router with the likes of OpenWRT to make a LAN.

@jonas I'm not sure whether they are sending data ootb. But i know there is in much devices the ability to generate support packages, containing this information. And as we all know, these are just texts for lawers, its the same issue as putting cats into microwave ovens.

@jonas crap.... I love their hardware.. some of the best in the biz. We use it for all of our clients when setting up wireless LANs because it is cheap and reliable. The AP I have in my house is several years old with no issues.. Now, I have to find a way to stop the spread of data from this hardware.

@jonas Oof...i was almost ready to buy an ubiquity device...thank you!

@jonas The same can be said of the modem, for which there is not OpenWRT equivalent, I believe. No?

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