Happy Midsummer's Eve greetings from Sweden. Today we've got 18.5 hours of sunlight where I live. 🌞🌞🌞

I see. Sounds like the maul is not sharp enough, or use more force? I've experienced that with some kind of wet wood. Sometimes the maul almost bounces off of the piece.

Finally opened up my T420 and found the cause to the thermal problem.

It went above 90 ℃ on load, now down to 70. Idle 45. 32 nm Sandy Bridge 35 W TPU.

NSA paying developers to include spyware? 60M Android devices affected.

Developers, "Don't accept candy from strangers".

Users, use FOSS apps.


...you can install them into a separate, isolated profile. When you need to use those apps, in three seconds switch to that profile, do what you have to do in there and then switch back to your F-Droid environment.


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I'm amazed by the way GrapheneOS has solved the problem with both having a Google free phone, free from 24/7 surveillance, and the ability to to use apps that require Google Play Services. Without compromising on security.

They've made the official Google services and Play Store to run as normal, unprivileged apps inside the standard app sandbox. This means...


Bye bye Google, hello GrapheneOS. Migrating apps and settings from old device was a breeze with the built in backup and restore Seedvault feature. Stored encrypted on USB device, no backups on Google servers.

Finally Thinkpads at work. I grabbed the first one =)

I had to check and yes, the OBS logo is made of only circles.

I stopped by one of my geocaches located on an island, and during its lifetime it has been visited by:

- ice skates
- kayak
- boat (rowing)
- boat (engine)
- walking
- swimming (airbed)

I find the last one as the most impressive.

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Replaced Ubiquiti spyware AP device in my parent's house with cheap (€10) used Netgear router running . Works perfectly.

Also setup WiFi fast roaming for seamless transition between access points. A budget substitute for expensive mesh devices: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

I replaced Windows 7 with Linux on my parent's computer. I watch them paying their bills, sorting photos and exploring the desktop environment.

Tried to make a whois query on the modern web, only to be stopped by Google's Recapcha. Thankfully found out there's a GNU+Linux command for it.

At work I'm forced to use Google Chrome for testing. To my surprise (or not) I discovered Crome was scanning the entire drive for "harmul software" and calling home with it. They just can't stay away from user's data do they.

While your training equipment wears down, your body does the opposite and moves from the bad shoe towards the new one 💪

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My new spiked terrain shoes has arrived. The old ones has performed very well, but after 2000 km on trails, stones and ice, they are done.


@hund I've just sold my rgb gaming keyboard (didn't like the mx speed switches and the closed software). Looking forward to building something with rgb and open firmware. Where to start?

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