Security by obscurity? Finally found the WiFi list on my new Fedora Xfce installation - an invisible icon in the panel.

I made myself an IQ test with this drilling template. I'm confident passing it for each door handle. πŸ™‚

Got myself some IKEA spare parts today. $1 including 21 allen keys.

On day 3 of my first time 4 day fastening. Did running intervals today, a bit slower but hard work without problems. Of course tracking with an F-droid app. πŸ™‚

Tried explaining the problem with Google Play Services (GPSe) on the Android platform to some of my colleagues and why you should use @Tutanota instead of ProtonMail.

One of them have now converted from Gmail to Tutanota and also considers Lineage OS. Others thought it was interesting but will probably continue using stock Android and Gmail.

Hm, I accidentally boosted one of my old toots, which I then deleted, but that deleted the original toot. It's gone 😐

Goal reached. I've been fastening for 48 hours. Am I hungry? Not really. Low on energy? No, just finished a 30' run. Will I do it again. Sure, has been challenged for 96 hours πŸ™‚

Salvaged these gems from work. Note the one from Mr Bourne himself. I flipped up a random page and learned that the 'nice' command can be used to run commands at lower priority, e.g.
nice cp bigfile newfile &

I've dodged Microsoft's telemetry updates for Win 7 so far, but now they seem to include it in the security updates.

Fortunately we've got FOSS alternatives like .

Have a look att Ubiquity's privacy policy:

"we may collect ... mobile devices, sensor data, device signals, device parameters, device identifiers that may uniquely identify your devices, including your mobile device, web request, Internet Protocol address, LOCATION INFORMATION (INCLUDING LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE), PERFORMANCE DATA, MOTION DATA, TEMPERATURE DATA, POWER USAGE DATA, AND ANY DATA OR SIGNALS COLLECTED BY THE DEVICES AS PART OF THE USAGE DATA"

Mind the router firmware.

There might be an anonymous device in your home, silently tracking your evry move on the network 24/7, harvesting personal information, reporting to it's master (and that's not you). Proprietary router firmware is scary.

I'm switching from Adobe Lightroom to Darktable. Seems very promising! But it's gonna take a while to remap the keyboard shortcuts in my head.

I need some Linux help. My (only) computer won't start. Linux Mint 19.1. Boots into emergency mode. Found this in the journal, and some more red lines.

Tried explaining mobile communications to my parents.

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