Finally Thinkpads at work. I grabbed the first one =)

I had to check and yes, the OBS logo is made of only circles.

I stopped by one of my geocaches located on an island, and during its lifetime it has been visited by:

- ice skates
- kayak
- boat (rowing)
- boat (engine)
- walking
- swimming (airbed)

I find the last one as the most impressive.

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Replaced Ubiquiti spyware AP device in my parent's house with cheap (€10) used Netgear router running . Works perfectly.

Also setup WiFi fast roaming for seamless transition between access points. A budget substitute for expensive mesh devices:

I replaced Windows 7 with Linux on my parent's computer. I watch them paying their bills, sorting photos and exploring the desktop environment.

Tried to make a whois query on the modern web, only to be stopped by Google's Recapcha. Thankfully found out there's a GNU+Linux command for it.

At work I'm forced to use Google Chrome for testing. To my surprise (or not) I discovered Crome was scanning the entire drive for "harmul software" and calling home with it. They just can't stay away from user's data do they.

While your training equipment wears down, your body does the opposite and moves from the bad shoe towards the new one 💪

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My new spiked terrain shoes has arrived. The old ones has performed very well, but after 2000 km on trails, stones and ice, they are done.


@hund I've just sold my rgb gaming keyboard (didn't like the mx speed switches and the closed software). Looking forward to building something with rgb and open firmware. Where to start?

I've been using Fedora as my daily driver for a year now.

Also, for over two years I've been
- using Linux as my daily driver at home
- been Google free
- converted almost every application to a FOSS alternative
- contributed with both code and money to the community

As a previously dedicated Windows user it's been a journey, and it's far from over. There's so much to learn.

I'm so thankful for the Linux and FOSS community, thanks.

Somebody here wrote about the excellent Street Complete app for editing. As an OSM veteran I had to try it out, and completed all the missing quests in my area - I thought. But now I've levelled up and and my screen is full of new quests, LOL.

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