Behind these prison walls is one who stands accused | Of exactly what offenses, the US has refused | To say precisely which, or to try to clear the mist | Or to explain how he's not the same as other journalists

From today (July 2nd, 2020), the Internet has around 16 months to migrate from onion services v2 to v3 once and for all.


I used to read from on my workstation, but it was time to switch to a ebook reader. I bought an old (and cheap) 2nd hand KoboReader. With my surprise, OS and storage resides on a simple 4Gb sdcard. But 4Gb were not enough. So I cloned the sd into a bigger one, 32Gb, and I extended the storage partition with parted. And now I'm ready ;)

yesterday night I was in a bad mood. I took a long walk to the center... there is a bridge near the cathedral, and I saw a man try to climb the railing and crossing the 'danger zone'. I remained calm, and I approached to him. I grabber him for an arm, and I said "cmon dude, could be dangerous, not today, ok?. he cried, he hugged me, he is alive.

Into this world, where everyone is counted as a number, I want to be a letter

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