I used to read from on my workstation, but it was time to switch to a ebook reader. I bought an old (and cheap) 2nd hand KoboReader. With my surprise, OS and storage resides on a simple 4Gb sdcard. But 4Gb were not enough. So I cloned the sd into a bigger one, 32Gb, and I extended the storage partition with parted. And now I'm ready ;)

yesterday night I was in a bad mood. I took a long walk to the center... there is a bridge near the cathedral, and I saw a man try to climb the railing and crossing the 'danger zone'. I remained calm, and I approached to him. I grabber him for an arm, and I said "cmon dude, could be dangerous, not today, ok?. he cried, he hugged me, he is alive.

Into this world, where everyone is counted as a number, I want to be a letter

Greetings professor Falken.
The only winning move is not to play

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I jotted down some of the reasons why I don't use . I thought maybe some people may find it useful.


just because I am

wget isoredirect.centos.org/altarch ; xzcat CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-RaspberryPI-GNOME-1810-sda.raw.xz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 status=progress bs=4M

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