Hello Fediverse!

My name's John, I build programming languages. Mostly using Haskell, but also interested in Rust/Idris/anything with substructural or dependent types.

A theme of my posts is how technology can combat coercive hierarchy and empower individuals.

I detest the quote by that fascist techbro about how a computer is "a bicycle for the mind." Bicycles are safe and respectable. Computers are dangerous and silly.

Computers are giant mecha exoskeletons for the mind.

@johnburnham That last little thing is something that I am probably just going to put on a plaque on my wall.

Welcome 🙏 !!

@Luke Well, currently I’m building a new programming language with dependent and linear types, like Idris2. It’s also got native content-addressing, so kinda like Unison, but my language does its content-addressing via the schema, which allows all expressions/packages to be shared over ipfs.

Bunch of things to finish before I make the repo public (will post a link here when i do) but I’m really excited about it

@johnburnham Hi and welcome to the community. 🙂
I saw you use Haskell, would you mind if I ask you or anyone to point me to good resources on learning Haskell.
I love Xmonad and want to be able configure it upto my liking.
I would say I am already familiar with functional programming.
Thank you !

@bikdashing Sure! I recommend You can follow my notes and exercise solutions here:

As far as configuring Xmonad, personally I find that this requires very little actual programming. E.g. My xmonad.hs is only like 80 loc.

If you want a more involved project to practicing Haskell, you could make a Hakyll blog, or a client for some http api you like.

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