Check out my article about one of the first software-based voice synthesizers. computeradsfromthepast.substac Check out the included interview with the creator who went on to write Mactalk for Apple.

protip: alias sudo to "please" for a much more wholesome unix experience

Budgie 10.6 is out 🚀🚀🚀 First release under new org. Features internal theme improvements, massive rewrites of multiple components, many bug fixes, and more. Check it out (and our macrocosm of other updates) at

Massive thanks for fossfreedom from the Ubuntu Budgie project for spearheading the work on Budgie Control Center, our refined fork of GNOME Control Center. It just got its 1.0 release! 🎉

Here is my latest article about computer ads from the past. This one is about the Franklin ACE 1000, an early clone. computeradsfromthepast.substac

I finally upgraded to MX-21 Linux and changed my PC to a Celeron G1610 with an SSD (this used to be my trusty LibreELEC box).

MX-21 looks and feels a bit more modern and polished than its predecessor MX-19 and it's very snappy on this aging hardware (thanks to the SSD no doubt).

My previous Mastodon instance was taken down by the owner. I was not aware this was going to happen. Hopefully, I can rebuild here.


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