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I am trying to recall where I was at wrt to CSS, but ~for sure~ SVG is what we should be looking at (in my opinion) CSS is the key to text, SVG has no text ability, as you change page/picture size in the browser, the text goes haywire - CSS could fix that, making highly-aesthetic pages (inscape) super simple

Disruptive tech? works for me


@ndegruchy @kev Unrelated I saw a separate direction for CSS, but I am struggling to figure out what it was - I did see a need for an HTML programing language to reduce JavaScript's monopoly (by 90%) simple math etc simplier than shell for instance

It will come back to me

@ndegruchy @kev One thing tho.. text culture does not value graphics - when decisions are made graphics are so far out in orbit that no one knows where they are at (I do) for instance, there is absolutely no effective way to share photography - If there were, I would be using it. (Mason goes there, but not really)

My first posts here were about that and JS - no responses, I shared my most viral photograph (the super moon), one star

Nothing against it, but we are hopelessly text-centric

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