@kev @badrihippo excellent - markdown thrives - I was really impressed (yesterday) by Redox's wiki-like book system generated w a rust program from markdown doc.redox-os.org/book/introduc

@johnbessa @kev yeah...with Wordpress I know I can get features, but with markdown I can easily write features on my own 😄

@badrihippo @kev With you on that.. I tried wordpress but it weirded-me-out. I like wikis over blogs because of ease of information organization, so I like Oddmuse (author is sometimes around here).
But wikis never formed an a forward-thinking markup probably because of Jimbo Wales domination, he is worse than Elon Musk!
I need to look at the markdown extensions

@johnbessa oh yes, I've heard of oddmuse too. I think it was featured in magazine once. Definitely an option if I ever need a wiki 👍

I didn't know about the Jimmy Wales politics though. Markdown would go great with wiki—what more can one need? 🤩



@badrihippo @kev I am like 'holy fk, I wrote this?' only two minor other-person edits since I finished in 2011... pretty heavy actually, shows need for wiki markup that goes past what anyone would expect for a simple reason: data interrelates universally - a whole system model

@badrihippo @kev problem is that this kind of work is too complicated, most people see it as academic and off limites 80-90% probably - so a wider hook is needed that everybody knows about and many participate in, and I recently concluded it's politics, so my whole systems model is going this way, specifically direct-democracy that leverages human agency rather than elections to get stuff done


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