> erratums for this book can be found at the book’s website. In Latin, the plural of erratum is errata as is done with second declension neuter nouns in the nominative case. But I am writing in Modern English, and in Modern English we should be forming plural nouns by appending -s, or in cases of excess sibilance, -es. So, yes, erratums. Given a choice between progress and tradition, I am going with progress informed by the lessons of history. That is how things are made better.
- Doug Crockford

@codesections Very interesting.
It is remarkable how similar is the relationship between English and Latin to that of Persian and Arabic 😀
I could have written (or probably HAVE already written sometime somewhere) the same statement but this time about not using Arabic irregular plural rules for Arabic loan words and instead, using the regular Persian plural suffix "ها".
The only difference is that Persian is not a descendant of Arabic, while English somehow is.

@masoud @codesections "That is how things are made better"
life was shorter but a lot more fun

@johnbessa @codesections
Oops, I meant "while English somehow is a descendant of Latin" 😆

@masoud @codesections u b talk'n about math - west was so hooked on aristotle's nonsense that we wound up w relational tables as databases (instead of complex structures as in natural thinking)

@masoud I discovered complex structures when I needed to create a database for my performance collection system back in 95 - I used perl complex structures and build a whole data server that relied on (then advanced) HP Unix virtual file systems - self scaling - then learned that is how the mind works - If I didn't have to do that I would have been using relational tables in RDMS's and never would have known about what is now called 'self-concept' self-esteem, -agency, -efficacy etc

@masoud so many analogies between compt/network and humanity/society - but computers will never have a soul, likeable nonetheless :)

@masoud oh forgot - aristotle and hippocrates invented the relational table for hippocrates 'biles' (nonsense psychology, but there you have it, the RDBMS) kid woke up

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