Shoulders and the farm my friend. Today we tackle shoulder and make a trip to the farm for some good beef and chicken. I like knowing where my food comes from.

@jasonesman I remember my last . it was a very good brisket in Dallas TX in 1984... I do miss it but meat is has only a few of the necessary proteins, causes heart disease - biggest killer, and there are the obvious cruelty issues, tho probl not where you are going occupy-critical-inquiry.blogsp

@johnbessa i buy from a local farm not a factory farm. I know how the animals are treated and killed. Also more animals and land is used for crops then livestock. Have you ever actually seen when they harvest corn the number of dead animals left? This one I saw had so many dead dear, just destroyed from the harvester. Wasted and killed....


@jasonesman I have to cut this off but I want to say that 70-90% of vegetable production goes to meat production, having said that I just want to say that I hope you don't get a stroke or heart attack but if you do...

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