Shoulders and the farm my friend. Today we tackle shoulder and make a trip to the farm for some good beef and chicken. I like knowing where my food comes from.

@jasonesman I remember my last . it was a very good brisket in Dallas TX in 1984... I do miss it but meat is has only a few of the necessary proteins, causes heart disease - biggest killer, and there are the obvious cruelty issues, tho probl not where you are going occupy-critical-inquiry.blogsp


@jasonesman the 21% is refinery inefficiency - probl about 30% in the big scheme of things, but should be much lower - I am not a fan of alternatives, mostly for refinement of existing (such as switching to diesel w lithium) and eliminating meat (which actually has a much higher number because of the energy wasted paying for medical care, money is the energy abstraction)

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