"Home Taping Is Killing Music": When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape in the 1980s, and Punk Bands Fought Back


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Let me actualize this:

> For the #industry, #code was
> the product; for the regular
> #hacker, code was
> communication, it was
> #art, it was a #language.

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Sadly the 90s revolution did not actualized except for FaceBook, Google, etc
- we built the information society and provided code and collaboration
- , they knifed us, but maybe we did it to ourselves by not understanding the anti-nature of synthesis,
-but nobody wants to hear this because it conflicts with feel-good memes
- so it goes on


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>> anti-nature of synthesis
>What do you mean?
Celebration of disease (you asked)

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Sorry, but if you replace a spot with another you aren't going to clarify anything.

@Shamar @devnull @rafu
sorry but you won't get it not because you don't want to, but because you cannot - if we go any farther then certain things will come out, and I will be viewed badly


I'm pretty open minded.
Even if I strongly disagree with you, even if your opinion are disgusting to me, I go berserk only if I see you are not intellectually honest.

That is you assume I might be right and try to understand if I am, as much as I do the same.

As for looking badly I don’t care much, so keep the conversation public if you want to explain what you mean.

I CAN understand.
Are you sure you know your stuff enough to explain it?

@devnull @rafu

@johnbessa @Shamar @devnull I did ask and am not disappointed with the answer, but am not entirely content with it either. Sounds like the tip of an iceberg I'm unfamiliar with. Is this language ("anti-nature" etc.) from a specific discipline? Puzzled and curious. 😄

@rafu @Shamar @devnull
>Sounds like the tip of an iceberg
2035 RIP

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