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case for Perl OS - I proposed it in 1999 with this picture, pretty much (artistic license applied) - seeing how/why perl declined (and how the guilty actually PERSONALLY ostracized me - Dan Sugalski - I was a highly-successful perl-based admin with a growing user group), I see actually proposing it again - I need to redraw this to show my initial intentions wit the 'thinman' but here it is in comic format

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@sexybiggetje @Gina
if you have been watching, significant parts of the USA are exploding for these exact reasons, but spec because of police murders of Black youth - but the loudest resistance is white
- this extends my NYC street life in the 80s when we kept the anarchic / loyalists, the lincoln brigade, alive through the founding feminist emma goldman
- of course most people are friendly, hardworking - that is the whole point of phenomenology aka the phenomic study of science

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@sexybiggetje @Gina
loyalists in the span civil war as anarchist-royalists w much thinking about freedom,
- LATERAL cuts not vertical, spec layers (IP stack or Maslow's hierarchy of needs similar)
- vertical cuts simply separate between cultures, synthesize enemies that would normally get along
- another issue was libertarian, you do what you want but not to others, simple
- and the final issue was political organization: pure-direct democracy
comrades from back then but more recent pict 2010

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@johnbessa @codeberg I was finally able to resolve all the stupid and broken issues @google created in , by using a clever Makefile. So that made me much happier with using it, while some real positives are very clean syntax, very fast compiles, and very simple cross-compiles.

Wordpress help needed:

Here is a site I love, and I want to do mine exactly this. I see WP artifacts, but lack any expertise. Any help appreciated.

Note: I have not been here for a while, but I definitely have fond memories!

@kev In so doing he described philosophy in terms of pedophilia showing philosophical oligarchy's 2k year long (successful) attempt at making everything exploitable and nothing sacred.

Fortunately there is resistance to Stallman in the GCC circle, which is the only really valid GNU contribution. Others were in BSD all along.

I, for one, was replacing shell commands with logical Perl approaches in the early-mid 90s.

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@kev You criticize Richard Stallman as "an older, out of touch man who speaks from a place of privilege."

Are you aware of the facts? Your other criticisms describe his, well, idiosyncrasies. These are cute compared to the facts. He provided philosophical support for Epstein's human sex trafficking, which is why he was booted.

having said that Canada has ALL the problems of the US but being nominally-socialized the problems are less visible and have less bad outcomes - but, still one needs to be careful, actually REALLY careful because of the above U never really know
- pict from the local big beach, new river beach

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Hi all - I did all of my experimental work, so now I am going centrist - being in Canada and from the US is a fresh breath of air politically-speaking - centrism is possible

I really should can this account and get another (as I may actually be back in IT after 2 decades - nothing fn changed!) Just addon bs such as NODE and containers - I may be doing containers - can I change only my name?

My kid's artwork - background (by me) needs to be aqua green - stupid me

Car security (bypassing nearly-impossible) I like this video - mechanic explaining electronics the way we should, simple and straight forward (best part starts where it is queued

Firefox 2X more efficient than Chrome (from my testing)

if it matters, I still run 10-20 yr old laptops, and Firefox can handle 5-7 tabs as Chromium which is maybe 2-3 (depending on how much mining pages are doing)

fortunately democracy restored itself enough to keep these types of educators from abusing very young kids - secondary edu, much more difficult - eliminate empiricism, period, facilitate constructivism and constructionism

This is my guide to the videographers

Tiktok will shut down sept 15 accor to trump-shit, is there an open-type 'short format' video host I don't know about?

Tiktok doing what they did, etc, probl deserves it, but it is the common way to expose US police brutality, and trump's mercenary army from the mex border that LOST

Microsoft forced edge browser onto all connected win 7 machines, but won't put in security updates - what assholes and what a bunch of assholes who continue to support them by resisting opensource appls such as roblox no longer working w WINE

I have been long threatening to depart this instance (russian revolution 1917 onward) w a secret destination that predates current modernism - before marx and the 1840s, but just slightly - I will give a hint (they burned the whitehouse and I will meet tecumseh, am canadian now)

farewell to the hippies, trots, bolsheviks, black panthers and all the other fools from my childhood in NYC

I'm not beyond using all available vehicles for my time travel: google FB etc


Insecure future (4/4)

Now with Microsoft nearly-fully embracing computing in their clouds via WASM and ripped-off rust structures... computing will be nearly 100% criminalized

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Insecure future (3/4?)

This brings to mind Microsoft which is attempting to strip the structure from Rust lang and apply it to C++ to write WASM pages. Your data is fully on their machine, and if you don't pay, you lose it all!

This also explains microsoft interest in clouds written in some rust implementation.

I saw this coming, actually, but also predicted that WASM use would be highly criminalized - it is, about 50%

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Insecure future (2/4?)

But, it looks more and more that the increasingly draconian police reality is that they can look at your stuff wo a warrant - they can force you to open your system, or, apparently, be beaten...

The option is what I hate: your system on somebody else's specifically a remote desktop, perhaps in a country that does not do what western police say to do - China suddenly our friend? Just switch screen off and enforcement is none-the-wiser

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