Insecure future (4/4)

Now with Microsoft nearly-fully embracing computing in their clouds via WASM and ripped-off rust structures... computing will be nearly 100% criminalized

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Insecure future (3/4?)

This brings to mind Microsoft which is attempting to strip the structure from Rust lang and apply it to C++ to write WASM pages. Your data is fully on their machine, and if you don't pay, you lose it all!

This also explains microsoft interest in clouds written in some rust implementation.

I saw this coming, actually, but also predicted that WASM use would be highly criminalized - it is, about 50%

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Insecure future (2/4?)

But, it looks more and more that the increasingly draconian police reality is that they can look at your stuff wo a warrant - they can force you to open your system, or, apparently, be beaten...

The option is what I hate: your system on somebody else's specifically a remote desktop, perhaps in a country that does not do what western police say to do - China suddenly our friend? Just switch screen off and enforcement is none-the-wiser

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Insecure future (1/4?)

I am for the most local possible machine, meaning an OS that resides just above the CPU to do what you do, but better, through methods you have collected for created

The trend is the exact opposite of course, machine control which predates machines (ancient egypt, lewis mumford) is full now with every person part of apps functioning based on corp management and programmer ideas of what you should be (for their benefits)

impossible that y'all have not seen this, but I am SOOO happy for an open MICROkernel, been supporting that since the linus/tanenbaum debate in.. 1989?

I hope the license is genuine, not just a lame trick

OBS vid & screen recording
- started recording vid and screen w OBS app which is GNU and
- used by all serious streamers, gamers, youtubers, etc

ROYAL PAIN(!) to set up, but made easier w this vid:

need a new mic, sun microsystems mic ca. 1990 has feed back (cable? no, get a new mic, john !!)

2 RAID or not 2 RAID ? these articles suggest that traditional raid is obsolete (just one view) XFS for large systems and EXT4 for a few large disks...

oh shit 1pm and my stay@home kid is still in bed!! fuck!

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I am starting to think that fosstodon is the only mastodon instance that google respects (ironically) my pictures posted here are appearing in the google search stream, despite this being a purely-textual culture

One thing tho.. text culture does not value graphics - when decisions are made graphics are so far out in orbit that no one knows where they are at (I do) for instance, there is absolutely no effective way to share photography - If there were, I would be using it. (Mason sort of goes there in a lame fashion)

My first posts were about that and JS - no responses, I shared my most viral photograph (the super moon), one star..

Nothing against it, but y'all are hopelessly text-centric

manjuro had zero vulnerabilities, but that is impossibe being it is built from arch

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Can this be possible? Arch linux had only one vulnerability in 3 yrs.
And CentOS's were mostly about a web interface, SQL type problems

For android to be acceptable, more app-makers need to embrace opensource, simple enough.. but the app market is obviously pretty well greed driven... decreasing likelihood of sharing, increasing vulnerabilities: accidental or not

OPEN CAMERA is a reason to have the android app vm on your phone
heck, even use android until andbox comes out on ubuntu touch

how stress locks us into the here-and-now preventing us from planning, actualizing.. actually living

when the photo initially got my attention, I had the above thought

such as when "not nice" people keep you constantly worrying about what they will do next, possibly even physical threat

you just can't model the future,
you are stuck...

then read the article... wow this is why empiricism just does not work, esp for society and the mind

they get sooo far afield..

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