house tour - I would use peertube, but she is a huge youtuber
she used a super cheap sky 'selfie' which worked really well except for wind on the mic - need to fix that..
not sure how (tape on some foam) because mics are expen$$ive

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@johnbessa @rnickson Yes they will use eveything they can get on you to "rank you" on newest re-captcha.

@philbaker1 if want it done right, you have to do it yourself - this also goes to IoT binaries being fave target

this isn't enough - every nation does not succumb to narcissistic fantasy
- there has to be an underlying mechanism that maintains society programming code: compliance
- when the time is right, the code is evoked
- marxists in academia
- there IS hope, people actually get it

Got it! cult of the personality - mass maladaptive 1/3rd of population responding to narcissistic leadership violently enough to push society past the tipping point to pure insanity

in Stalin's case, there wasn't actually any choice... but there was in Hitler's

Bumped up, it is consumerism fueling a non-longer-needed industrial revolution that is guaranteed to kill us in ways stalin/hitler could not, but rainier could

this is freaky, when I looked up NXIVM (for spelling) I got this list of similar searches - Amway grouped with Branch Davidians, etc - like people get that marketing relates to cultism - I thought is was more an extension of marx, but that is just me - communism-communes-cults ??

you have video/sound tracks, you drag/paste them into timelines, you edit the timelines and move pieces between timelines - how difficult can it be? (to this tune)

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@johnbessa @keysgate the rich and powerful of the time pushed pro-elitist propaganda through guys like Socrates instead of CNN

OK, RMS - you can quit now

Quest is 'do natural ecosystems have rights?'

His answer: this is "conceptually incoherent" because only "a being capable of wanting and deciding can have rights"

In his view, CHILDREN incapable of grasping his rationale "cannot have rights"!"

that's not what I said SURE IS, and shows how rationale erodes chances of human/planetary rights

Rationalism is THE crime THE source of nazism, right-communism, PeTA, etc THE end of us


I need a SAFE gif-maker (from vids), Any suggestions? real answer is linux-from-scratch... then find the libraries, learn C, write code, or go Perl route (sigh)

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fediverse moderation 

needs some work - I have to show christ's victims as greedy capitalist bastards, and the font needs a little work.. putting $ signs in their eyes may do it.. may be difficult - freak out the auties.. but that is not my intent

OK, I checked - @trashHeap blocked me, I can see his home page material with different browser - I did not abuse him in any way, in fact I agreed with him on certain things such as Bookchin... I checked again, I am definitely blocked, but the material reappeared - W(minus TF) is going on?

trashHeap @trashHeap - all our material disappeared.. including what I wrote (I am not used to that) did you do something?

K, got kid from bus - collaborative outcomes that are organized based on their data meaning, which is methodology and data, methods being particular methods, data is what individuals/groups share, and their expression of it being their addressability - so people can find it

wow 'replace DNS' could be 'replace DNA' !! but that would be difficult, being god made it via charles darwin

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