at the MIT media lab: "senior lab officials circumvented the blacklist by concealing his involvement in the donations. Using Epstein's initials, Ito and other lab staffers identified him in on calendars — whereas other names were fully spelled out"

all pedophiles

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Winlink 2000 - a worldwide system for sending and receiving e-mail over radio without the Internet

Since this system does not rely on the Internet it is widely used by mariners, RV campers, missionaries, and various agencies who need to communicate when the Internet is not available at the last mile location.
The Winlink system consists of a group of Common Message Servers (CMS) placed at various locations around the world. These servers connect via the Internet to Radio Message Servers (RMS) in many geographic locations to form a star network configuration. The Radio Message Servers are the UHF, VHF, or HF RF gateways into the Winlink system. The final component on either side is a client computer device running the software to send/receive messages through your radio. In Internet terms you could think of the Radio as a modem (very loosely speaking).

Everybody is together on this, everyone hoping Italy leads the world out of the heat index nightmare, brings direct democracy to tech, cools things off otherwise such as cut-throat competition that makes us unhappy, even TRUMP !!

Dang, we all want the same thing.. praying for yah, big old boot is a way to write and upload markdown to, for instance, stackoverflow - looks nice, exports in HTML, but does it sftp (etc)? showstopper if it does not
nice for fooling around tho..

Here's the code, do what you want! What? I don't want to spend my life modding YOUR code - all I want is life simplified

@ohyran maybe I should say left-communism done WELL (rather than right)

@ohyran This site should be interesting, what we are looking at in the feminist kurdistani revolution is left-communism done right

These people esp women, have the credz -- they saved the Yazidi peoples from ISIS, saving the first piece of our current world society

They reference Murray Bookchin, NYC leftist who kept Vermont progressive, who created Bernie's path

Just hoping they don't get stuck, stagnate, and suffer institutional creep - cops, etc

I think AI is appropriate despite its obvious misuse. For fully-open use, the specific AI methods need to be fully-adjustable by the user, which can be done of course. I am certain Twitter and FB do just that...

Y'all know what I mean when I say 'AI methods,' right?

Extending this to the group level, the issues of 'social security,' which is really about conflict. The key issue is that maladapting individuals may, say, even kill themselves based on a critical response... This suggests a centralized 'keep them separated' strategy.'

The mastodon I am imagining centers around the individual streaming column as nearly-fully autonomous.
- Management is closer to the browser, possibly even being the browser - webassembly and fully independent
- The streaming columns can attach anywhere (they are allowed, blocking of course), and can be infinite in number
- Further the hooks in the columns make it possible for pretty much any program bringing any type of creativity into mastodon
- What's wrong w the virt mach on the hardware?

Google - yeah it's creepy, but what isn't? Plus google has good people in it who have rebelled in beneficial ways. A while back someone in google tagged article I wrote as a 'manifesto' and promoted its ranking... so what did I do? (stupid me) I removed the word manifesto... wtf was I thinking? someone influential helps me and I say 'no thank you'

Good news is.. the ideas in it may hit stride in Italy very soon with the success of the 5 star movement

basically Dan told Larry that if he has to put up w my bullshit he would quit parrot.

This would have been a good thing, because the author of the underlying assembly type code should have been the leader, but he too was ostracized along w others.

I am using OSTRACISED because it is a key component (problem) in ancient Athenian direct democracy - Voting and ostracism go hand in hand to isolate minorities - which FOSS is... yet foss does it... ?

case for Perl OS - I proposed it in 1999 with this picture, pretty much (artistic license applied) - seeing how/why perl declined (and how the guilty actually PERSONALLY ostracized me - Dan Sugalski - I was a highly-successful perl-based admin with a growing user group), I see actually proposing it again - I need to redraw this to show my initial intentions wit the 'thinman' but here it is in comic format

The virtual machine for Rust is the LLVM (low-level), and the security layer is what is in rust that makes it safe, the OS components would be filesystem communications etc as plugable load-ins and I am wondering if virtual memory aka paging can be a plug-in

How I found the rust book - I was reading up on Redox the rust os, hoping to find something new, but it is 'unix-like'
Further, it is specifically NOT a linux replacement :(
Y? Redox author works for system 76 that puts out pop os,
What I was hoping for was a assembler VM running on the system with a rust controller on top, and then OS components on top
Within the rust controller is a security layer that is neither access control nor authentication, but a set of do's and don'ts

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@Pervertor That's a form of elitism I think could happen in specific contexts, but flags shouldn't be blamed for. Recognizing differences must not lead to discrimination or phobias, at least no more than the differences themselves do, and you're not fixing the real issues by trying to hide signs.

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