K, got kid from bus - collaborative outcomes that are organized based on their data meaning, which is methodology and data, methods being particular methods, data is what individuals/groups share, and their expression of it being their addressability - so people can find it

wow 'replace DNS' could be 'replace DNA' !! but that would be difficult, being god made it via charles darwin

woman's art bot showed me this one, a woodstock reality I knew nothing about ('67) closely linked to John and Yoko by culture (and culture) She overcame "mental illness" with her art, which was trauma from WWII which is not disease (as mental illness must be) but a physical injury, or 'insult,' to the neurons' elect insulation - what my mother has from WWII (right french immigrant to NYC) and I have/had from WTC terror Sept 2001 (pretty much gone thanks to trucking)

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@johnbessa well, we just need to find a biodegradable polymer with pretty-looking light diffraction properties. If we haven't done so its not because its impossible, but because of economics.

Still, I feel no regret asking for a ton of proverbial glitter.

people become self-determined to mutual support (kollontai, emma goldman, rosa luxemburg and kropotkin) extending outwards to nature with a first peoples naturally-cyclic environmental spirituality - not too far from GNU actually but much less synthesized (of course)

plus I always had the good stuff (still do, nominally-legal in canada)

Having said that, I was in Woodstock NY when not in NYC, and really admired rural people's ability to survive, even when libertarian. Folk music brought me to Reggae, which brought me to peace punks and hence the yips and squatters - it was a Rasta decision to make Africa part of the first world so I did internet development on wall street (shell and perl), wore a suit etc, but kept long hair (but not dreadlocks) - everybody was good w that because I could accurately describe capital to them

I have to go to the 'volunteer tea" at my daughter's school (aka parent-teacher assc gettogether) I am SOOO tempted to put 'Harper Valley PTA' on my phone - years ago, this would be unthinkable, I was on the other team aka delinquents youtube.com/watch?v=aOZPBUu7Fr

speed causes hallucinations when you are tied - you feel up but will crash your car

Oh, when coffee starts failing - orange juice seems to help - then go back to coffee

what lowlife! dropbox steered me into a "team trial" (login page redirected) Now tells me my team will run away with corporate data unless I pay them!
Seriously, can they be trusted with security? Banks do similar things, yet we trust them.
I am thinking security services need to be distributed to the individual, along with banking..
(and rental property, jobs... equity distribution)

?? webassembly ?? my old computers work just as well as ever, esp when I cleaned cpu coolers - only problem was JS loaded web pages which may have had coin mining code - but with webassembly, it may be out of control and difficult to suss
-a need for tools to access the damage being done by "miners" (tax bads not goods) extremetech.com/internet/25978

gender: a pronoun
(biological) sex: personal business

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is a .

Logisim allows you to simulate the interaction between binary logic gates. Simple example circuits like RS-NOR latches and decoder arrays can be created in moments. Complex computers, graphics cards, and more can be created in Logisim as well.

Website 🔗️: cburch.com/logisim/

apt 📦️: logisim

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