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Today I also published another subdomain of my webite's source code. It's a server with some games I've written.

I just published my website's source code. If you are trying to make a site with , , and , parts of it could be useful.

Before switching to Tutanota, lots of people want to know what is better in Tutanota compared to other email services. So we've tried to put together a comparison with some competitors. However, as we are not unbiased, we'd like to hear your thoughts on this as well. Thank you for your time and support! 😃

@kev I recommend using a combination of uBlockOrigin and uMatrix. With both, you can seriously clean up your browsing experience and not just block ads but trackers and profilers of all sorts. uMatrix also gives you useful insight into what 3rd parties websites are connecting to 😉

I see you.

I see you helping a friend, a fedizen, someone who'll prolly become a mutual in some hours or less;

I see you boosting that signal, so that help can reach the intended recipient faster than it would without your click;

I see you replying to a stranger's Introductions post, welcoming them to Fedi and offering help with any questions;

I see you developing tools and/or ideas that are useful for our communities here, often for free, and many times in the shadows;

I see you, and I try to reach you, or at least boost you so other you's can get to you, and we all grow up together. Stronger.

Thank you :ablobsmile:

Did a 45-60 minute drawing of @kensanata D&D character using random colours.

Now I gotta run!

My mind is being blown by what you can do with SAT/SMT solvers in Python. You can use them to solve sudoku puzzles in just a handful of lines! I'm starting to wonder what you can't do with them...

"The greater we grow our dependency on technology, what we may soon find is that we've created the most technologically advanced way of creating illiteracy."

- Jake Weidmann, Master Penman

I've just set up #Nextcloud for any that are interested! Users get 10 GB by default; let me know if you need more and we can talk.

Before registering, make sure you read this page:

It's available over clearnet:

And over #Tor as a #HiddenService:


A filesystem where each directory can have only one subdirectory.

Last Friday I went to Erasable Inc's 24 hour show at my school (University of Maryland). It was a fun show and I really enjoyed the performers' enthusiasm and dedication to it! I made this sketch of the group to commemorate the event based on a group photo we took.

I'd just like to say, big props to for this type of answer. Very cool.

We've got a pad-in-progress here. If you see a game you want to play, add your name below it. If you don't see a game you want to play, add it in alphabetical order and add your name below it 😁

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Idea: Large-scale cracking contests as a sport.

You have an attack team and a defense team. There's some kind of system (Web site, application, database, email, whatever) that is the focus of the whole thing.

The defense team gets a few hours to harden the system, then the attack team gets some time to try to break in and achieve one of several objectives. The attackers get more points the more they accomplish (theft > destruction > DoS). The defenders get more points the longer they hold out.

I attended Bitcamp, a hackathon at my school, this past weekend. My team made a trash can that insults you when you put recycling in, and we won "Most Entertaining Hack!" If you have time, please like our project on devpost so we can win the people's choice award. Or just check out the description because it's indubitably humorous:

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