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video for part 1 from yesterday (forgot to announce it when we went live):

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recreating my costume from 10 years ago: Captain Haddock from

I NEED your best chaotic neutral, steampunk, mad-scientist, mad-lib words that are waaaay outside the xkcd "ten hundred words". (It's for a new project: source code:

Sometimes, the OpenStreetMap "OsmAnd+" android app doesn't find an address and I have to use an "address to GPS" app. Is there a better app for OpenStreetMaps, or a better workflow in general?

Johan hates pretentious self-referential sarcastic meta-humor in 3rd person.

Started using signal :signal: again and I was pleasantly surprised that about 80% of my friends already use it. I prefer element since it's decentralized and not tied to your phone number, but signal is still way better than SMS and really easy for folks to set up

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If you use duckduckgo you should replace "googled" to "duckduckwent"

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Introducing Glass Knife

I've been using Obsidian lately and I'm certain I'll be saying more about that later. I'm a convert. It's what I've wanted for ages: a pretty UI that sits above a folder full of Markdown files. This makes it trivially easy to share data between programs, and to manipulate Obsidian's "vault" by directly tweaking those files with external programs.
In that spirit, I've released the scripts I use to automate [...]

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in preparation for the this weekend, I am streaming right now:

More info on the event:

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