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Introducing Glass Knife

I've been using Obsidian lately and I'm certain I'll be saying more about that later. I'm a convert. It's what I've wanted for ages: a pretty UI that sits above a folder full of Markdown files. This makes it trivially easy to share data between programs, and to manipulate Obsidian's "vault" by directly tweaking those files with external programs.
In that spirit, I've released the scripts I use to automate [...]

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in preparation for the this weekend, I am streaming right now:

More info on the event:

CARL: What if I'm not OK?
YOU: What's wrong?
CARL: You asked me already.
YOU: It smells like wrongdog in here.
CARL: Ich hat keine ahnung.
YOU: Where did you learn German?

bruh i just got trolled by my own chatbot (was so focused on adding back the slashes that were removed i didnt notice what the URL was)

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This Saturday 14th August!

Get your shakers at the ready for Vera's Radio Show which starts things off this Saturday, followed by @jumboshrimp's Catch of the Week.

Unpopular Stream returns for August, something we at Jnktn HQ always look forward to, then onto the greatness of Gary for his Citrus Club slot.

To finish things off we have a recording of Worky - his first club DJ set since the pandemic - from the Buff Club in Glasgow.

Hope you can join us on the day!

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Software is a serious matter. It's not just fun and games. Software affects reals people. It can improve their lives or destroy them. Whoever controls software has power over human lives.


i just replaced audio with and i'm super happy with it. i can route jack and pulse sources in one interface, and add effects (like mic noise removal) with easyeffects or catia. and i can output to 2 separate sound cards which wasn't possible with jack.

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Privacy is like voting. An individual’s privacy, like an individual’s vote, is usually largely irrelevant to anyone but themselves … but the accumulation of individual privacy or lack thereof, like the accumulation of individual votes, is enormously consequential

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Bible study 

Tomorrow at approximately this time (19h UTC) we'll be studying John 14.

Anyone who would like to join may, regardless of your religious background. Last weeks' study was uplifting, and I expect tomorrow's to be as well.

Simply click this link tomorrow to join:

#FediverseBibleStudy #BibleStudy

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With the final keyboard prototype now undergoing testing, we want to know, will you be grabbing one at launch?

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It looks like there's an alternative to Invidious for watching YouTube privately. It looks a whole lot nicer too. It's called Piped. There are only two instances hosted, but I wouldn't be surprised if more pop up soon.

#youtube #invidious #piped

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