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I will be in a few minutes playing with the illiterate conduct (not able to read scrolls, spellbooks, etc.)

I'm moving to some coding after a short break with family

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Zim it up! Another Christmas present for you all: it is now possible to convert almost any website to the Zim format.

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Make a to-do list if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps to break things down into smaller pieces.

we are live again, playing among us (my first time playing) and i'll play piano during the breaks. watch at

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I am playing my new pressure sensitive keyboard with my brother at

Does anyone know how to get working? All the guides I found left me with no sound output, and I suspect I selected the wrong hardware devices but I'm not sure how to tell what the right one is. Distro is Ubuntu Studio, program is .

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Open Source Lego Controller

A mechanical and manufacturing engineer by day, [Tyler Collins] taught himself electronics and firmware development in his spare time and created an open source Lego controller called Evlōno One. It is based on the STM32 and …

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Purdue’s Powerful Paint Could Cancel Climate Change

What if a building could stay cool simply because of its paint job? We’re not talking about putting flames on the sides. Purdue engineers have come up with a formulation of white paint that reflects th…

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@jnktn_tv @jumboshrimp I took a look at your site and it's pretty cool! 👍 I'll reach out by email and hopefully schedule something once I'm less busy with school, thanksgiving break maybe. (I'm not a professional musician tho, I just mess around with stuff.)

I'm doing a quick at I'm playing an illiterate character.

"Velkommen jjvan, the dwarven Valkyrie, welcome back to NetHack!"

I'm live at in a few minutes streaming some music production with , this time with my brother as well!

I'm live at in a few minutes streaming some music production with and a thrift store keyboard :)

I've been listening to a series about the sabbath which has been helpful for my mental and spiritual health. Here's a page I made with links to each episode (mp3's are available):

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