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A filesystem where each directory can have only one subdirectory.

Last Friday I went to Erasable Inc's 24 hour show at my school (University of Maryland). It was a fun show and I really enjoyed the performers' enthusiasm and dedication to it! I made this sketch of the group to commemorate the event based on a group photo we took.

I'd just like to say, big props to for this type of answer. Very cool.

@ziegel Here's the video. It has links to the other talks in the description as well: Sorry it took so long!

We've got a pad-in-progress here. If you see a game you want to play, add your name below it. If you don't see a game you want to play, add it in alphabetical order and add your name below it 😁

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Idea: Large-scale cracking contests as a sport.

You have an attack team and a defense team. There's some kind of system (Web site, application, database, email, whatever) that is the focus of the whole thing.

The defense team gets a few hours to harden the system, then the attack team gets some time to try to break in and achieve one of several objectives. The attackers get more points the more they accomplish (theft > destruction > DoS). The defenders get more points the longer they hold out.

I attended Bitcamp, a hackathon at my school, this past weekend. My team made a trash can that insults you when you put recycling in, and we won "Most Entertaining Hack!" If you have time, please like our project on devpost so we can win the people's choice award. Or just check out the description because it's indubitably humorous:

I gave the presentation on digital rights to the Christian fellowship tonight and people said they learned a lot. Some of my friends gave other presentations about mass incarceration, human trafficing, and gentrification, and I learned a lot about those as well. This world is deeply unjust, and whatever your passion is, you will find brokenness in that area. I'll upload a video later, but here are the slides for now:

So far I have:
racial and sexist bias in digital profiling companies (ad targeting, background checks)
cost for a smartphone (and conversely poor people being judged for owning one)
ethical options are harder to find

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I'm writing a 5 minute presentation on "Digital Rights for the Marginalized" for my Christian fellowship's series on God's desire for justice. Any recommendations for topics I should mention?

Day 29: I messed up an apt-mirror by having it sync to the wrong folder and it filled up the disk. Fun fact: when a disk is 100% full, you cannot start apache, tmux, etc.

Day 28: I set up a mirror of for the offline hackathon at They provided docker build instructions which made it easy to set up:

Day 26: I set up a local Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspberery Pi mirror for an upcoming hackathon that the Linux Club is organizing where the internet will be disconnected halfway through. My friend also set up Arch and OpenBSD mirrors. The temporary location is

Day 25: I've started the challenge again! Today I set up a wiki for the Linux Club and played this beginner hacking wargame that someone recommended:
I'm currently on level 23, but I found someone else's solution to level 30 in the /tmp directory...

Under new leadership, the patent office is trying to reinterpret a supreme court case in a way that would enable to win lawsuits against small software companies and developers. This is a petition to keep the current interpretation of the case:

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I continued my 's Day tradition of installing a new unfamiliar Linux distro. This time I installed underneath . I really like Bedrock's ability to use the AUR in any distro! It all started on Valentine's Day 2016 when my Ubuntu system crapped out and I spent all night installing .

#HelloWorld! The Swiss no-log VPN has officially joined the open source, federated social media network. As an organization focused on giving people greater control of their data, we wanted to join a social media network that respects this. We’ll be sharing toots about service updates, new VPN projects, and news on privacy.

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