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Am I the only electronics content creator on ?
I think I might be. Seems like a dead end.

Many are on now, and seems to be the go-to Youtube alternative for science and tech content now.


Day 97: I worked on some more stuff with a php photo gallery, including adding the ability to upload multiple files at once.

@hxii yeah, it's pretty crazy and unexpected. he died of a brain aneurysm just last night. its really sad to see him go, he inspired so many people

Day 96: To try to get group texts working on my , I build vgmms ( ), but encountered an error when running it:

Day 95: I played around with the NetHack Learning Environment, a new project by facebook's research group (as much as I dislike them as a social media I was intrigued).

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My 5 game win streak is over. After ascending a Healer, Valkyrie, Barbarian, Rogue, and Priest all in a row, my Samurai was struck down by a dastardly pair of soldier ants in Minetown. All in all, I'm happy with a 5 win streak since I have never even gotten 2 in a row before. And this puts me in 1st place for 3.7.0 win streak in the tournament! Sayonara johanv the Samurai.

Day 94: I looked into the blockchain for an online hackathon. I'm trying to make a shared pixel art whiteboard just for fun. I started with their guestbook example:

Day 93: I found s3fs-fuse, which lets you mount your storage to the filesystem. It's a bit slow since it is going through the extra step of being a filesystem, so I might try rewriting the site to talk to the s3 gateway instead.

@oranje I, too, have experienced the blessing/curse of homegrown tomatoes. Once you try one you never go back to the impostors...

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Really looking forward to this… and @aral has fixed up a fabulous setup for streaming video.

Hey! Live: Using the web for social good with Laura Kalbag. 2nd July 2020:

Day 92: Today I played around with, the client site of .io, an awesome distributed, end-to-end encrypted (and cheap!) file storage system. (I also run a server node.) I was able to set up an S3-compatible gateway running inside docker as a subdomain on my site but I had issues with the uplink connector libraries for python, go, and nodejs. Here's a link (expires in a week) to a file hosted there:

Day 90 & 91: I added a message system to the game, both for in-game messages "You hit the goblin!" and debug messages "Oops, this statement was never supposed to be executed..."

Day 89 (yesterday): I got back into the development of ruegolike, my , by tweaking how things are displayed and the movement keys, and updating the roadmap.

Day 88 (yeterday): I tested the new database and pushed the changes to the site, which you can play at Then my family and I played a few rounds. It's much faster and less buggy, and wasn't that hard to convert over to !

Day 87 (yesterday): We finished the walking animation, which is the end of the lego man tutorial series! Here's the playlist if you are interested:

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To everyone who is interested in #UbuntuTouch, #UbPorts, #LinuxPhone :

There is a new group on Mastodon: @ubuntutouch

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