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Johan :manjaro: :lineageos2: boosted is a grassroots volunteer project which livestreams a variety of music-based programmes every Saturday. You can follow at:

➡️ @jnktn_tv

You can watch or see upcoming schedules at

It's powered by the Fediverse-compatible livestreaming platform @owncast, though Jnktn haven't yet switched on federation for the channel. (So you can't follow the channel itself from Mastodon yet.)

#Jnktn #JnktnTV #Music #LiveStreaming #LiveStreamers #OwnCast #TV #Television #film


We’re no strangers to code
You know the syntax and so do I
A git commit is what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other dev

I just wanna write an application,
Gotta make it open source

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hi @tchambers @humanetech @cdevroe @django!! following up on this, i grabbed the official Tumblr Theme (which any user can access the markup of!) and threw it in a gist here:

also found this, which may be helpful:

we have little bandwidth right now, but i'm happy to take any changes y'all make and internally open a PR to get that merged in to prod. once up, this should hit ~385 million blogs :meowcowboy:

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@lucas @owncast When I had low bandwidth I made a text/audio streaming service: and then i discovered someone had already done the same thing: Not sure if this fits your use case, but let me know if you need help with setup

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:blobcatthumbsup: I'm right now with a new modded last life series! First stream back in a while, hopefully I'll be on more often soon...

@avalos I'm in the USA and I have one, however it is the braveheart edition so I had to remove a component to get the usb-c dock working. If that works for u DM me and we can work out the details

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Hey all you proud website owners out there:

Link me your personal website!

I'd like to redo my own, and I'm seeking out inspiration.

Boost welcome 😉 .

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