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@saadnpq you can use GitLab or SourceHut ( for code. I personally set up 3 separate git remotes in all my repos for GitHub, GitLab, and SourceHut so I can push to all 3. (This is admittedly a bit excessive, so maybe just pick one of the 2 to back up your github projects to)

Day 79: we started learning by making a man using this tutorial: (not really code but it's for the game)

Just watched an amazing talk by @jplebreton on playscii, his open source tool for making ascii art and games: Awesome stuff, it's got me thinking about what tools i could make...

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Together with @spacex, we will return human spaceflight to American soil after nearly a decade. Tomorrow is not only a big day for our teams – it’s a big day for our country. 


Day 78: we completed the last tutorial, which was to add coins to the game. once you collect 5 coins it brings you back to the menu screen

Day 77: we got some textures, enemies, and collision detection working in following the tutorial

@mike yes, we actually have all of it on github: and we are making sure it is packaged neatly and documented before we graduate to make it usable for the next team, or anyone else

Day 76: My friend and I are learning the open source game engine using this tutorial: amF1UrjVtccZ Here are some gifs of our progress after just the first 2 parts of the tutorial

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@kev O_o imagine being the one who found that!

@mike is awesome! My school research team is using it to make an interactive medical assistant robot. I haven't had much time to work on during the semester, but during the summer I'll be mycrofting it up!

bonus: I cleaned up the code, made walls block light, and turned off debug mode so this screenshot is what the player sees

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Day 75: Getting back into this challenge for the summer by making a in called "ruegolike" I've been working on it for a bit, but today I added generation of corridors between rooms. (I know the is supposed to be continuous, but... I guess I'm going for a piecewise continuous function.) Also yes, it is heavily inspired by , one of my all-time favorite games

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@sir@cmpwn.comI like the idea of a license whitelist, which allows folks to just do a search for code on sourcehut and know that there are no weird licenses or lack thereof. The only reason I might not want the restriction is that it might turn some people off to sourcehut. But this service is meant for the FOSS crowd, and being specific to your audience does differentiate a tool from other similar ones in a "quality over quantity" approach.

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