Day 89 (yesterday): I got back into the development of ruegolike, my , by tweaking how things are displayed and the movement keys, and updating the roadmap.

bonus: I finally fixed the rendering in the ! It was a matter of keeping track of which floor tiles have been discovered within rooms, to decide what a corner should be displayed as. (red tiles are ones that have not been discovered yet, for debugging)

Day 82: I fixed the rendering of some of the rooms in the , but there are still some edge cases, such as when a corner gives away another room. This happens when there is a wall you have seen, but is hidden because the room has not been entered. Then the corner still counts that wall and connects to it, giving away the room.

Day 81: I started messing with the code for the to try to get the rooms to render properly, but have fewer tiles to keep track of. Then I realized I needed to spend some time thinking through which methods of representing the room segments with tiles was the best. Having corners and walls be stored the same makes it ambiguous sometimes, so I'll have to store horizontal, vertical, and corners (no distinction needed between which type of corner).

Day 75: Getting back into this challenge for the summer by making a in called "ruegolike" I've been working on it for a bit, but today I added generation of corridors between rooms. (I know the is supposed to be continuous, but... I guess I'm going for a piecewise continuous function.) Also yes, it is heavily inspired by , one of my all-time favorite games


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