Day 70: My roommate and I built a computer to use as a backup for our . I used my install to set up the six 1TB HDDs as a pool and enable remote desktop.

Day 68: I played boggle (and livestreamed) with some family and friends today. While streaming, I fixed a bug in where backspace would go to the previous page instead of deleting a letter. I also updated the video call link to a call which worked better.

Day 59: We finished up the app, adding a way to set a nickname for your devices. We made an authentication system similar to notification 2fa, where if a nickname is already claimed, you can request to also use that nickname. Then you have to approve the request on the device that is assigned that name, proving that you own that device/name. We won "best domain name" for and our prize was backpacks! :)

Day 31: I played around with's tardigate system, which is decentralized encrypted cloud storage. Pretty awesome stuff - in the long term, I plan to migrate my instance to it!

Day 11: I updated to version 15 😃 and attempted to root my phone. I ran into a problem where fastboot could not detect the device, so I'll do some reading and try again tomorrow.

Day 4: I deployed a instance to ! I was not able to expose it to the external network yet but I opened up the page in links, the command line browser. Big thanks to andremotz on github for the premade yaml files:


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