I am streaming more , still doing the illiterate conduct since i havent died (yet) live.johanv.xyz/

Soon I am streaming with an awesome new MIDI controller, then after live.johanv.xyz/

I will be in a few minutes playing with the illiterate conduct (not able to read scrolls, spellbooks, etc.) live.johanv.xyz/

I'm doing a quick at live.johanv.xyz/ I'm playing an illiterate character.

"Velkommen jjvan, the dwarven Valkyrie, welcome back to NetHack!"

My 5 game win streak is over. After ascending a Healer, Valkyrie, Barbarian, Rogue, and Priest all in a row, my Samurai was struck down by a dastardly pair of soldier ants in Minetown. All in all, I'm happy with a 5 win streak since I have never even gotten 2 in a row before. And this puts me in 1st place for 3.7.0 win streak in the tournament! junethack.net/player_scoreboar Sayonara johanv the Samurai.

Day 75: Getting back into this challenge for the summer by making a in called "ruegolike" git.sr.ht/~johanvandegriff/rue I've been working on it for a bit, but today I added generation of corridors between rooms. (I know the is supposed to be continuous, but... I guess I'm going for a piecewise continuous function.) Also yes, it is heavily inspired by , one of my all-time favorite games


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