:blobcatthumbsup: I'm right now with a new modded last life series! First stream back in a while, hopefully I'll be on more often soon...


streaming the november tournament (). it started a while ago but better nate than lever! live.johanv.xyz

in preparation for the this weekend, I am streaming right now: live.johanv.xyz

More info on the event: nethackathon.org/

now im switching over to playing dominion (a card game).

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we are finally! live.johanv.xyz/ modded minecraft is running at 50 fps :)

I'm , playing nethack for ! You can watch with video: live.johanv.xyz/ or with text and audio only on my new streaming service: asciiradio.johanv.xyz/

stream is over, thanks @hejowhat for stopping by! in the future, i plan to add signups so anyone can stream text and audio

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I created a new text/audio service so i can stream on mobile data. I'm with the 1st stream now, watch me play and say hi in chat! asciiradio.johanv.xyz/

(part of ) added streaming, so I'm streaming there in a few mins! (playing boggle with family) Stop by and check out the new open source method of streaming. :D


In a few mins i will stream an old classic game, "Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II" at live.johanv.xyz/

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