(part of ) added streaming, so I'm streaming there in a few mins! (playing boggle with family) Stop by and check out the new open source method of streaming. :D


The SEC is threatening to misclassify cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which are the backbone of services like that give us alternatives to big tech companies.


Just released my on including some for each song open.lbry.com/@johanv/internal You can also download the OGG files and the from the video description.

is awesome!
set `head -1 $0|cut -c2-` fosstodon.org/ johanv/ lbry.html \< iframe \> embed script
$v "$7pre$9`cat $0`$7/pre$9$7$11 src=$4$10.js$9$7/$11$9">$6
while [ $f != 1 ]||[ $z -lt 3 ];do
q=`curl -sL $q`
b=$b\ `$v "$q"|grep $4@$5[0-9]|cut -d\" -f6`
q=`$v "$q"|grep ad-m|cut -d\" -f4`
f=`$v "$q"|wc -l`;q=`$v "$q"|tail -1`
z=$((z+1));done;for l in $b;do
$v $7$8 height=650 src=$l/$10$9$7/$8$9
done|uniq>>$6;xdg-open $6

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is going to give out a reward for all existing users on Monday, so now is the time to join! My invite link: lbry.tv/$/invite/@johanv:5 Spread the word -- boost or post your own invite link.

Day 69 (yesterday): I tried to update my video embed links on my website to , but only some of them would load so I left it unchanged. Then I installed cockpit on my servers to see stats for all of them in one page!

I posted a video on of me playing (from my first twitch livestream). lbry.tv/@johanv:5/owning-some- I used this as an opportunity to learn , , gif thumbnail creation with ezgif.com/video-to-gif, and of course, l33t gaming.

not much changes with my
laptop, so I figure I'll showcase something cool: You can play games in ! I thought it was just videos, but apparently you can publish JavaScript apps: lbry.tv/@OpenSourceGames:e/wub github.com/cwilso/wubwubwub I'm gonna have to try this...

If anyone is interested in joining , an open source decentralized alternative to YouTube (some YouTubers even use it), I have a referral link that will give you some extra LBC tokens: lbry.tv/$/invite/@johanv:51272

Also there are some popular creators on , such as Khan Academy, EEVblog and 3Blue1Brown, so it's more feasible than peertube for watching videos at this point

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Yesterday I copied all my videos to , a blockchain-based platform: lbry.tv/@johanv:5 (I also have them on youtube and peertube). So far, LBRY seems faster and more streamlined than peertube


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