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Day 81: I started messing with the code for the to try to get the rooms to render properly, but have fewer tiles to keep track of. Then I realized I needed to spend some time thinking through which methods of representing the room segments with tiles was the best. Having corners and walls be stored the same makes it ambiguous sometimes, so I'll have to store horizontal, vertical, and corners (no distinction needed between which type of corner).

Day 80 (yesterday): we made some more progress following the lego man tutorial, here's a render!

Day 79: we started learning by making a man using this tutorial: (not really code but it's for the game)

Day 78: we completed the last tutorial, which was to add coins to the game. once you collect 5 coins it brings you back to the menu screen

Day 77: we got some textures, enemies, and collision detection working in following the tutorial

Day 76: My friend and I are learning the open source game engine using this tutorial: amF1UrjVtccZ Here are some gifs of our progress after just the first 2 parts of the tutorial

bonus: I cleaned up the code, made walls block light, and turned off debug mode so this screenshot is what the player sees

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Day 75: Getting back into this challenge for the summer by making a in called "ruegolike" I've been working on it for a bit, but today I added generation of corridors between rooms. (I know the is supposed to be continuous, but... I guess I'm going for a piecewise continuous function.) Also yes, it is heavily inspired by , one of my all-time favorite games

Day 73 & 74 (Sat & Sun): I did the online hackathon, and I made an webapp for my boggle game, and a with a servo that can be controlled remotely, which I'll use to flip my lights on when my morning alarm rings. I livestreamed parts of my progress on twitch: (The most recent video is a short demo of the raspi)

Day 72: I added some features and fixed some bugs in my photo voting app. I uploaded some memes, go vote for your favorite now!

Day 70: My roommate and I built a computer to use as a backup for our . I used my install to set up the six 1TB HDDs as a pool and enable remote desktop.

Day 69 (yesterday): I tried to update my video embed links on my website to , but only some of them would load so I left it unchanged. Then I installed cockpit on my servers to see stats for all of them in one page!

Day 68: I played boggle (and livestreamed) with some family and friends today. While streaming, I fixed a bug in where backspace would go to the previous page instead of deleting a letter. I also updated the video call link to a call which worked better.

Day 67: I added some features to the boggle game : link to video chat room, log out button. I've been playing with family and friends recently, so reply if you want to play or have any feature requests!

Day 66: I made some small changes to the algorithm today with no improvement in accuracy (didnt dig into the input data yet).

Day 65 (yesterday): I changed the algorithm to use a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) but still couldn't get better results than 70%. Next step is to look through the input data and try to find any bad inputs that might be throwing it off.

Day 64: I FINALLY fed the boggle letters into . The first time I got 40% accuracy, but after some simple tweaks it improved to 70%. Anyway, this marks the first actual use of in this machine learning boggle project.

Day 63: I re-familiarized myself with the boggle code and fixed a bug that happens with python 3.2.0.

Day 62: I set up my new with ubuntu touch and sent my first SMS text message on it!

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