Day 29: I messed up an apt-mirror by having it sync to the wrong folder and it filled up the disk. Fun fact: when a disk is 100% full, you cannot start apache, tmux, etc.

Day 28: I set up a mirror of for the offline hackathon at They provided docker build instructions which made it easy to set up:

Day 26: I set up a local Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspberery Pi mirror for an upcoming hackathon that the Linux Club is organizing where the internet will be disconnected halfway through. My friend also set up Arch and OpenBSD mirrors. The temporary location is

Day 25: I've started the challenge again! Today I set up a wiki for the Linux Club and played this beginner hacking wargame that someone recommended:
I'm currently on level 23, but I found someone else's solution to level 30 in the /tmp directory...

Day 24: I put together a fun list of terminal tricks:

Also since school is started I've been slacking on this challenge...

Day 23: I wrote a script to show info about a system and I set it to run in my .bashrc when I log into my school's servers for a class.

Day 22: I adapted the script to accomodate 16.04 and also work with a single disk, then I could install it on another computer (along with remote desktop) for a school research team (

bash script included (long toot) 

bash script included (long toot) 

Day 18: I got back into the challenge and finished the setup, including some port forwizardry required to expose my servers to the internet through 2 routers. Fun!

Day 17 (yesterday): I installed (also on ) to an old computer to improve our home network security and isolate the servers from the other devices. I didn't do any of the major setup yet since I need to order some network cards and a switch first.

Day 16: I didn't have much time, so I just cataloged the info from the 4 servers in a spreadsheet. Hopefully I'll get to tomorrow...

Day 15: I helped debug some gyro sensor code for a highschool robotics team my brother is on.

Day 13, a very lucky one! I was busy this week but I got back into the challenge today and it went great. I gave up on booting from (grub2-install: error: unknown filesystem.) and tried :ubuntu: instead, and it worked the first time! Tomorrow, I plan to install it on the other 3 nodes in the server and start playing around with on some real hardware. I can't wait!

I was sick yesterday and the day before but I'll be back into it later today.

Day 12: My friend and I started resurrecting an old project to make a calculator. He worked on a cool custom case while I rewrote part of the installation script since the packages for the tft screen had changed. We also swapped the pi zero for a pi zero w to remove the need for a wifi dongle, and I think I got a connection wrong somewhere... we'll continue it another day.

Day 11: I updated to version 15 😃 and attempted to root my phone. I ran into a problem where fastboot could not detect the device, so I'll do some reading and try again tomorrow.

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