Day 97: I worked on some more stuff with a php photo gallery, including adding the ability to upload multiple files at once.

Day 96: To try to get group texts working on my , I build vgmms ( ), but encountered an error when running it:

Day 95: I played around with the NetHack Learning Environment, a new project by facebook's research group (as much as I dislike them as a social media I was intrigued).

Day 94: I looked into the blockchain for an online hackathon. I'm trying to make a shared pixel art whiteboard just for fun. I started with their guestbook example:

Day 93: I found s3fs-fuse, which lets you mount your storage to the filesystem. It's a bit slow since it is going through the extra step of being a filesystem, so I might try rewriting the site to talk to the s3 gateway instead.

Day 92: Today I played around with, the client site of .io, an awesome distributed, end-to-end encrypted (and cheap!) file storage system. (I also run a server node.) I was able to set up an S3-compatible gateway running inside docker as a subdomain on my site but I had issues with the uplink connector libraries for python, go, and nodejs. Here's a link (expires in a week) to a file hosted there:

Day 90 & 91: I added a message system to the game, both for in-game messages "You hit the goblin!" and debug messages "Oops, this statement was never supposed to be executed..."

Day 89 (yesterday): I got back into the development of ruegolike, my , by tweaking how things are displayed and the movement keys, and updating the roadmap.

Day 88 (yeterday): I tested the new database and pushed the changes to the site, which you can play at Then my family and I played a few rounds. It's much faster and less buggy, and wasn't that hard to convert over to !

Day 87 (yesterday): We finished the walking animation, which is the end of the lego man tutorial series! Here's the playlist if you are interested:

Day 86 (yesterday): We worked on some more blender animations, this time trying to make the lego guy walk. It's difficult to avoid the feet sliding across the ground...

Day 85: I finally migrated my boggle game to MongoDB! (also, was today) This was long overdue since I was previously just storing everything in a file, which would slow down and break the app when it got too large. Surprisingly, everything seemed to work first try, but tomorrow I'll do more testing locally before pushing it to the server.

Day 84: My friend and I rendered an animation of the man and... well, I'll let you see for yourself ;)

bonus: I finally fixed the rendering in the ! It was a matter of keeping track of which floor tiles have been discovered within rooms, to decide what a corner should be displayed as. (red tiles are ones that have not been discovered yet, for debugging)

Day 83: We finished another tutorial to create the face with different expressions. Turns out there are 2 more videos after this instead of this being the last one.

Day 82: I fixed the rendering of some of the rooms in the , but there are still some edge cases, such as when a corner gives away another room. This happens when there is a wall you have seen, but is hidden because the room has not been entered. Then the corner still counts that wall and connects to it, giving away the room.

Day 81: I started messing with the code for the to try to get the rooms to render properly, but have fewer tiles to keep track of. Then I realized I needed to spend some time thinking through which methods of representing the room segments with tiles was the best. Having corners and walls be stored the same makes it ambiguous sometimes, so I'll have to store horizontal, vertical, and corners (no distinction needed between which type of corner).

Day 80 (yesterday): we made some more progress following the lego man tutorial, here's a render!

Day 79: we started learning by making a man using this tutorial: (not really code but it's for the game)

Day 78: we completed the last tutorial, which was to add coins to the game. once you collect 5 coins it brings you back to the menu screen

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