Last Friday I went to Erasable Inc's 24 hour show at my school (University of Maryland). It was a fun show and I really enjoyed the performers' enthusiasm and dedication to it! I made this sketch of the group to commemorate the event based on a group photo we took.

I continued my 's Day tradition of installing a new unfamiliar Linux distro. This time I installed underneath . I really like Bedrock's ability to use the AUR in any distro! It all started on Valentine's Day 2016 when my Ubuntu system crapped out and I spent all night installing .

I set up a last minute booth for the Linux Club (I'm the new club president) at my school made from a cardboard box. We started with 36 people in the club and ended the day with over 100! Right now we're using groupme for our communication, and it's not ideal for so many people. I'm thinking of trying , or . Which one should I choose? Any other suggestions?

Day 23: I wrote a script to show info about a system and I set it to run in my .bashrc when I log into my school's servers for a class.

Day 22: I adapted the script to accomodate 16.04 and also work with a single disk, then I could install it on another computer (along with remote desktop) for a school research team (

Day 19: I started writing the install script for kubeadm on the cluster. Also, today I attended my brother's robotics competition, and they did very well.

Day 17 (yesterday): I installed (also on ) to an old computer to improve our home network security and isolate the servers from the other devices. I didn't do any of the major setup yet since I need to order some network cards and a switch first.

Day 13, a very lucky one! I was busy this week but I got back into the challenge today and it went great. I gave up on booting from (grub2-install: error: unknown filesystem.) and tried :ubuntu: instead, and it worked the first time! Tomorrow, I plan to install it on the other 3 nodes in the server and start playing around with on some real hardware. I can't wait!

made my old moto x new again! And I'm not being sentimental, I mean that I finally have the latest android features (like split screen) and security updates!

Any recommendations for software/configuration?

Day 12: My friend and I started resurrecting an old project to make a calculator. He worked on a cool custom case while I rewrote part of the installation script since the packages for the tft screen had changed. We also swapped the pi zero for a pi zero w to remove the need for a wifi dongle, and I think I got a connection wrong somewhere... we'll continue it another day.

@normandc I just made my first part in , thanks for reminding me of its existence 😉. Just playing around for now, but I'll be 3D printing something soon to revive an old project. Thanks for your good work in making CAD more free and open source for everyone!

Day 10: I tested and improved the script some more today, and put it up on GitHub: Also here's a picture of the server. It has 4 separate complete computers inside, each with 4 processors (4 cores each), 64 GB of RAM, and 2x 320GB hard drives (which I am installing ZFS on). This thing is beast!

Day 9: I got to do my favorite programming task today: bash install scripts! I am continuing work on a script to instal with software raid. The script will be used to set up machines for the cluster, and other server awesomeness! I'll post it on github tomorrow.

to all yall. Have a great 2019 and a great life. And always remember: Teamwork makes the dream work, and no work makes the show work!


Day 7: I bought the domain, then spent some time drawing network diagrams to find the gaps in my plan. It turns out that to have multiple locations with , you need a cluster in each location, and then you can use to connect the clusters (much like ). This can also help ensure that data is replicated across physical locations. Kubernetes never ceases to surprise me with cool new features!

Day 4: I deployed a instance to ! I was not able to expose it to the external network yet but I opened up the page in links, the command line browser. Big thanks to andremotz on github for the premade yaml files:

Day 3: I realized that I definitely need kubeadm to easily add nodes to the cluster so I set it up and deployed someone's joke website 👍 . (Side note: last night I had a dream about servers and IP addresses rather than sugar plums dancing 🤔 ) Also Merry Actual Christmas!

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