:blobcatthumbsup: I'm right now with a new modded last life series! First stream back in a while, hopefully I'll be on more often soon...


recreating my costume from 10 years ago: Captain Haddock from

i just replaced audio with and i'm super happy with it. i can route jack and pulse sources in one interface, and add effects (like mic noise removal) with easyeffects or catia. and i can output to 2 separate sound cards which wasn't possible with jack.

context: i sent that last message from the top of the Tooth of Time at Philmont scout camp

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Dear 2017Me,

Yes, the essay seems insignificant, I have graduated, still Computer Engineering. I'm running Ubuntu Studio with Cinnamon. The net neutrality thing did NOT go well, and I am using a VPN, paid for with bitcoin even. Google and Amazon are still fighting for world domination.

Some words of wisdom: Rest easy; worrying accomplishes nothing. Keep your word; better to say no and show up, than to say yes and ghost. Ask for help; you deserve it and life is hard to face alone.

--Johan V.

just installed a quad-node cluster using :) This is also the same server I was playing around with 2 years ago, but now it is finally set up in a place where we can't hear it, so it can stay on.

thanks to everyone who stopped by the stream. here's what i got done today. turned out great!

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Here's some janky web page recreations I made without a live preview as part of the !light (no light) challenge @mlhacks@twitter.com

I'm live at live.johanv.xyz/ in a few minutes streaming some music production with and a thrift store keyboard :)

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