Sometimes, the OpenStreetMap "OsmAnd+" android app doesn't find an address and I have to use an "address to GPS" app. Is there a better app for OpenStreetMaps, or a better workflow in general?

@johanv It is a hit or miss for me too. I always make time to plan out and research a route prior to leaving my house. If I'm given an address at the last second, it does become a small hassle. But that's when I call out the other person for not being more organized on the field.

@johanv Try organic maps. Its on fdroid and honestly has a simpler ui instead of the more confusing OSMand ui. The only thing that it does not have is the live feature that osmand has but otherwise its great.

@jason123santa thanks, ill give organic maps a try, the UI looks good so far!

Did you try the same search with a browser?

@johanv If the address are missing in OsmAnd+, the address do not exists in OpenStreetMap.

That happened to me, for an example my home address. I added my home address to OpenStreetMap, waited for a few hours, and searched for my home address in OsmAnd again. It existed!

After that, I went into a frenzy and made my area super detailed. Now, the area I live on are one of the most detailed ones on the island I love on 😎

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