Started using signal :signal: again and I was pleasantly surprised that about 80% of my friends already use it. I prefer element since it's decentralized and not tied to your phone number, but signal is still way better than SMS and really easy for folks to set up

@johanv I just wish it had live location sharing. It's the only thing I still do in WhatsApp with my wife.


@nicd a search on fdroid for "live location share" and I found Hauk, apparently a self-hosted location sharing app. I think I'll look into setting up an instance, seems useful

@johanv @nicd Check out Owntracks (oss version, w/o Google services), or Nexttrack (less maintained). Self hosted, needs MQTT instance.

@jinxd I'm just too much of a lazy butt to do that. Or rather, I feel like I just don't have time to manage any more self hosted stuff.

@nicd I hear that.Virtually zero maintenance with mqtt though. Put it on a pi if u got one already :D

@jinxd I wish, but there's no such thing as no maintenance.

@nicd True. I just figured if you already had a server at home, it wouldn't add much of any maintenance.

@jinxd Heh, I do have one on Hetzner and I wish I could get rid of it. :D

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