I'm live at in a few minutes streaming some music production with and a thrift store keyboard :)

@johanv curious, what are using to power your live stream setup there on your website?

@geekgonecrazy I use a dockerfile for nginx-rtmp ( which forwards the stream to twitch, dlive, and youtube. Then I made a nodejs server that runs in the same container for the chatroom (the "hello world" of It also pulls chat from the various streams. Here's my repo which I plan to add a README to show folks how to deploy it: Yeah its a real mashup of a bunch of things but it works quite well and I learned a lot

@johanv nice! Not long ago I started down similar path but came across owncast: and started contributing there.

I was surprised at otherwise how little info there was out there about doing this sort of thing. For something that has been around for so long you’d think there would be tons of projects

@geekgonecrazy Thanks! I took a look and I will definitely try it out later. I'm still glad I implemented some of this myself since I had been putting off learning server side JS for a while. And that's cool that you contributed to it, I hope I'm also able to eventually.

So glad I stumbled along this convo. That's an awesome project. Thank you. I haven't looked at it fully, but I'm assuming obs can feed into it?

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