I'm currently broadcasting as a DJ on 's anonradio! point VLC to Shoutout to @randynose for telling me about

@shellowl @randynose Someone else has taken over now, but that was me :) I actually got to see NF in concert last year and Remember This is one of my favorites

@johanv @randynose

I was never a fan of rap/hip-hop, but NF is very special and I have to think him a lot for discovering him when I was in a really bad place.

Cool! Glad that you like @SDF . But it was @claudiom that pointed it out to me some time ago, I just never took the time to explore the geekery of it until recently myself. I Created an account, but then never explored until recently.

Also glad that you're enjoying Anonradio.

@johanv Nice and "welCOM!" 😁 Are you DJing during OpenMic or do you have a particular time slot? @randynose

@claudiom @randynose it was my first time DJing, so it was on open mic. I'm thinking of signing up for a time slot though

@publius @johanv @randynose Missed the show, but yeah, I'm all for it! I'm also thinking about doing a show someday, but I'll need to do more research on how to get on.

Not sure if I wish to do a surf rock show, a "deeper dive" into the classic rock sound, or Berlin School ambient/sequencer sound.

@scooterbird @publius @randynose open mic is again in 30min, i will be streaming if no one else does :)

@scooterbird @publius @randynose someone else is DJing now, but I'll start once they are done

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