For one of my recent writing assignments at school I wrote a guide to online privacy for beginners:

Update: Just got my grade back for the assignment: 94%! Super happy considering I procrastinated for weeks and finished it in 10 hours (oops). And thanks for all yall's support with boosts, replies, sharing with friends and family, etc. It means a lot to me that there are so many people passionate about

Read it to the end. Very interesting. I deleted my fb account and joined Mastodon recently. Created tutanota email but it will take some time to delete my gmail. I've degoogled my android for years. The only sad is I can't get rid of whatsapp because I can't get my friends out of it.

@sandeepa awesome to hear, and thanks for reading! Too bad about whatsapp though. For me, it's groupme that all my friends and study groups use

@johanv Great post! I started by "break up" with big tech last summer -- making progress, but still a work in progress. Have you found a reliable way to scrub a Facebook account before deleting? My understanding is that simply deleting the account still keeps any content you may have shared/liked on others' walls and posts still active.

@markparfitt Thanks for reading! I personally have never had a facebook so take this with a grain of salt, but after some searching I found this: I would recommend doing a "Download a copy of your Facebook data," then delete your data, then do another download to make sure that the posts were deleted. Then you can delete your account

I did a quick read, I'll have to read it in depth. While I've not de-googled everything, and still need to move some mail out of gmail to my tutanota account.

Also, if someone likes to get nerdy / retro, someplace that I recently discovered was and their "BBS".

@randynose I tried out and it seems interesting. And I think I see u in the "lobby" room :)

Oh, you mean the Guest Book?

An Aristotle quote?

Yeah @claudiom kinda got me into SDF.

@johanv That's is really informative. I will share it with my friends.

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