I'm writing a 5 minute presentation on "Digital Rights for the Marginalized" for my Christian fellowship's series on God's desire for justice. Any recommendations for topics I should mention?


So far I have:
racial and sexist bias in digital profiling companies (ad targeting, background checks)
cost for a smartphone (and conversely poor people being judged for owning one)
ethical options are harder to find

@johanv Have not read anything on the topic yet :( but highly interested myself. Would you mind to share it with the fediverse once you've published it?

@ziegel Here's the presentation, I'll upload a video later. Thanks for your interest! drive.confuzer.cloud/index.php

@ziegel Here's the video. It has links to the other talks in the description as well: peertube.social/videos/watch/1 Sorry it took so long!

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