I set up a last minute booth for the Linux Club (I'm the new club president) at my school made from a cardboard box. We started with 36 people in the club and ended the day with over 100! Right now we're using groupme for our communication, and it's not ideal for so many people. I'm thinking of trying , or . Which one should I choose? Any other suggestions?

@johanv I'll assume that you're specifically looking for open source ones, but if not, cliq by zoho seemed decent as well from the brief look at it I took.

Also that's really impressive about the club, I'm assuming this is a college club (if it's high school then you got a damn impressive group of people there XD)

@johanv this is cool on many levels. Congrats for growing the Linux club

@johanv what do you want to do? share files? or just chat?

You guys could setup your own Matrix server (setup by default when setting up Yunohost server).

you don't want to scare off people though right off the bat.

there are the standards like Signal/Wire but not sure how they would fare in a 32 person chat.

*curious to see what others suggest*

Also good job on starting this group!

@tootbrute @johanv Depends a bit on how important communication with the "outside world" is for you. If you only want to talk among yourselves, or Mattermost work fine, but Matrix will let you more easily talk to other Matrix instances or to IRC or Telegram.

@Unairedspecifics It seems still works though. I'd also discourage searching for "jami chat", that seems to only have NSFW chat/live cam results.

yeah i confused Ring and Wire,
but ofcourse we'r talking about and not any other.

@Unairedspecifics @tootbrute @johanv Jami is the new name for Wire is still Wire. In this case I would suggest to go for Quite solid, apps for iOS and Android, and it is fairly easy to use DM and private and public and announce channels. rocks !

@johanv ejemmm
Let me INTERJECCCC for a moment

@johanv I'd personally go with matrix. Especially with the redesign coming to Riot very soon (See vs, it's really nice to use. If you want to set up your own server, waiting for Synapse 1.0 might be a good idea, which should be there in a few weeks.

(I might be biased, I used to work for the company behind Riot, and I've been an active member of the matrix community for 2 years now.)

Just to complete the set... zulip

Rocketchat and zulip will likely host your group for free. Although I realize setting it up is part of the fun so probably matrix would be best for that criteria.

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