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For one of my recent writing assignments at school I wrote a guide to online privacy for beginners:

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Status of the energy vortex (neutral): Level 7 HP 6(30) AC 2. You hit the energy vortex. You are jolted with electricity! You die... Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (y)

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streaming the november tournament (). it started a while ago but better nate than lever!

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video for part 1 from yesterday (forgot to announce it when we went live):

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recreating my costume from 10 years ago: Captain Haddock from

I NEED your best chaotic neutral, steampunk, mad-scientist, mad-lib words that are waaaay outside the xkcd "ten hundred words". (It's for a new project: source code:

Sometimes, the OpenStreetMap "OsmAnd+" android app doesn't find an address and I have to use an "address to GPS" app. Is there a better app for OpenStreetMaps, or a better workflow in general?

Johan hates pretentious self-referential sarcastic meta-humor in 3rd person.

Started using signal :signal: again and I was pleasantly surprised that about 80% of my friends already use it. I prefer element since it's decentralized and not tied to your phone number, but signal is still way better than SMS and really easy for folks to set up

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If you use duckduckgo you should replace "googled" to "duckduckwent"

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