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All eyes on Zoom:

1⃣ Zoom will “probably” strip all tracking and cookies from its website
2⃣ All meetings will require password protection
3⃣ They'll consider open-sourcing Zoom’s code

Promising words. Now hope to see some action.

Day 73 & 74 (Sat & Sun): I did the online hackathon, and I made an webapp for my boggle game, and a with a servo that can be controlled remotely, which I'll use to flip my lights on when my morning alarm rings. I livestreamed parts of my progress on twitch: (The most recent video is a short demo of the raspi)

I found the 2 large monitors for $15 each at the thrift store! I have installed and , , and open

Day 72: I added some features and fixed some bugs in my photo voting app. I uploaded some memes, go vote for your favorite now!

It's 2020! Openly document for the future; avoid proprietary formats that won't be readable long-term.

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Geofence Warrant Sends Bicyclist’s Privacy Over the Handlebars

About a year ago, Zachary McCoy took a bike ride around his neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida. It may have been forgettable to him, but not to history. Because McCoy used an app to track …

Original tweet :

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Today is Document Freedom Day! Discover why open document formats – as used by LibreOffice – are essential for long-term data storage. Avoid getting locked out of your own work:

Day 70: My roommate and I built a computer to use as a backup for our . I used my install to set up the six 1TB HDDs as a pool and enable remote desktop.

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So....... yeah, someone made a muscle to CV adapter *_*

But now I'm curious about any CV to muscle adapter :D

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Day 69 (yesterday): I tried to update my video embed links on my website to , but only some of them would load so I left it unchanged. Then I installed cockpit on my servers to see stats for all of them in one page!

Day 68: I played boggle (and livestreamed) with some family and friends today. While streaming, I fixed a bug in where backspace would go to the previous page instead of deleting a letter. I also updated the video call link to a call which worked better.

I posted a video on of me playing (from my first twitch livestream). I used this as an opportunity to learn , , gif thumbnail creation with, and of course, l33t gaming.

Day 67: I added some features to the boggle game : link to video chat room, log out button. I've been playing with family and friends recently, so reply if you want to play or have any feature requests!

Day 66: I made some small changes to the algorithm today with no improvement in accuracy (didnt dig into the input data yet).

Day 65 (yesterday): I changed the algorithm to use a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) but still couldn't get better results than 70%. Next step is to look through the input data and try to find any bad inputs that might be throwing it off.

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