I just switched back to Arch (Manjaro i3) after many years in the Ubuntu-verse (Ubuntu, Mint, Lubuntu+i3) and it's nice to see that Arch packages are way more up to date (nethack 3.6.1), and fewer tarballs are needed (waterfox)! Also yaourt.

@BryanLunduke fosstodon.org/media/8k7A7dfvkA I just booted the live USB of the new version of freespire. "It seems to run on some form of xubuntu!"

@kev I recently started transitioning away from Google services, then I just found your posts about De-Googling. It's nice to know that there are other people doing this as well! Also it is reassuring to see we independently chose some of the same replacements (NextCloud & DuckDuckGo). I went with ProtonMail for email, though: johan.vandegriff.net/wordpress


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