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I finally got around to publishing my video about the awesome #linux powered #pinephone! Let me know what you guys think.

after setting all that up, i realized that running kubernetes caused the internet to stop working in my VMs. after several days of trying different things (k8s on bare metal, k8s in VMs, etc.) i decided to use and run services in LXC containers, including one container with which i migrated my current dokku instance to.

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just installed a quad-node cluster using :) This is also the same server I was playing around with 2 years ago, but now it is finally set up in a place where we can't hear it, so it can stay on.

thanks to everyone who stopped by the stream. here's what i got done today. turned out great!

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I'm , playing terrible moves in chess I'm using which is open source (the Li in the name stands for Libre :)

we had 10 ish minutes and we werent allowed to look anything up or view a preview of the code we were typing. it was super fun and the code to run the event is open source:

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Here's some janky web page recreations I made without a live preview as part of the !light (no light) challenge

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Social networks are inherently addictive to some extent. Facebook, Instagram, and the like play on this to make their networks as addictive as possible.

Ethical alternatives should not only reject doing that, they should also work to make the services *less* addictive.

Devaluing numbers of followers, likes, shares, etc. is one step in that direction.

I'm curious about other methods. Please give your ideas.

I am streaming more , still doing the illiterate conduct since i havent died (yet)

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Can you see the numbers in their silhouettes?
Here is my illustration to wish the end of the pandemic for 2021. Let's hope it will happen.
Happy New Year!

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