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For one of my recent writing assignments at school I wrote a guide to online privacy for beginners:

for anyone interested, I coach for a team and we'll be streaming a tournament today at 1pm eastern, THATS IN 2 HOURS!

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@johanv has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

i got affiliate 🤔 and turned down the contract 📝⛔

#music #tech #streaming #gaming #programming #english

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streaming my unspoiled 1st playthru of Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

I recently found, a blog platform you can manage with ssh and scp. I mirrored my to it with a script that also fixes the relative links to point back to the main site

The migration is done* and I am for a test stream!

Implementation details:

* with a few straggler services not yet deployed

I'm streaming again on ! Today i will be soldering some $1 game consoles. More info: (havent migrated this page to the new site yet)

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I'm taking a vacation day from work to migrate my website and start contributing to some projects. Join me as I stream the process, with breaks to play piano and games, on :] (follow @streamer to be notified when I stream)

version 1 of is up! Tomorrow I will be livestreaming the process of setting up version 2, with breaks for games or music, so follow @streamer for the notification

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Thanks everyone for weighing in! I asked some people in person and the total tally is: - 8 - 11

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Which domain name should I use for my website? It will have my owncast livestream, blog, games, etc. To see what it looks like, heres the current site: Partially migrated to: but then I realized I could use

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Really enjoyed Robin Sloan's "Spring '83" proposal:
I must say it is such a breath of fresh air to read an alt-web proposal that's not written from the tech "outward" - it puts writers and visual designers into a creative mode ("what are different shapes and sizes we could let people author in?"), rather than say Gemini which put programmers into a creative mode ("how few lines of code can i make a client or server in?"). I think that's valuable.

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