has won

I tried to print something on my sister's computer, using Windows, it did not work for some random reason, after many attempts

I tried again, this time on my Linux Machine, and it actually did it. What is even going on!

@joeligj12 As much as I can't stand CUPS, when it works, "it just works".

It's more or less because the windows drivers are 12 layers of shitware when the Linux drivers just print. HP drivers are the worst example of this, the Windows drivers are bloat and can destroy your CPU (if you don't use the Universal PCL drivers), while Linux bundles them with the OS. The Linux ones are lean, just work, and offer nearly all the settings.

@joeligj12 sane and cups have made me stop dreading printers and start finding them pretty curious to work with, especially on a network stack. In a Windows machine, however, nope.

I can one up this! I visited a customer. Sat at their desk, gave my tea order and opened my laptop. It printed an invoice to the printer beside me. It was not a time travelling invoice, unfortunately.

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