@ChrisWere I'm not sure what decent UI and free mean to you, but there's currently:

Github Pages: pages.github.com/
Netlify: netlify.com/
WordPress.com: wordpress.com

Just to name a few. Apologies if these are unhelpful

@trevdev @ChrisWere I think he means sites where u dont have to make the html or markdown.

While most of us tech people enjoy that. An open source WYSIWYG editor for websites other than wordpress, which is a lot heavier than that, would be quite good.

@joeligj12 @trevdev @ChrisWere Publii is the best thing I've ever seen in that regard. Like Jekyll or Hugo, but with a GUI. It outputs HTML files which can be uploaded anywhere, manually or automatically to certain services. I haven't been able to use it much though because I prefer the control Jekyll offers.

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