Well, after a few days of using I decided to write a about my history with the software.

tl;dr: why didn't I try it sooner?

Day 44 of


@joeligj12 Those icons are nifty! *pets the bunny*

I used to be SOOO intimidated by vectors (and I still am to a degree), but the Inkscape tutorials on "Logos by Nick" channel on YouTube saved my butt. I haven't discovered a really thorough Inkscape character inking+coloring+shading tutorial, though (or at least, not one to my taste). I know some people can ink like a stonkin manga professional with vectors and a mouse, but it's still magic to me!


@AesAthena Thanks! I mean, right now its just some white lines and stuff, not big deal yet, I have watch some of Nick's tutorials but I am still learning

@joeligj12 never underestimate the fundamentals!
I threw myself in the deep end doing a variation on this: youtube.com/watch?v=yGFp4EoJi9
when I had no idea what I was doing.

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