Ok, this is very scary. I decided to create a new account and they decided to join me automatically to recommended subreddits, and if you have been following me lately you will realize how accurate this is.

I have only looked for these kinda terms for less than a week, how is this even possible?

@joeligj12 They can just get a list of your interests from google and match it to their sub advertising tags, what's so complex about it?

@silverhax oh, yeah, sometimes I forget how much google knows about me despite my attempts at getting some sense of privacy

@silverhax @joeligj12 Not to mention that unless you are clearing and blocking cookies, those particular search terms can make up a user ID on Google side with a set of general demographics/interests that Reddit can target.

i used to do stuff like that at work.

A lot of SEO is black boxes and snake oil but it’s also pretty impressive what massive aggregated data can do

@wholesomedonut @joeligj12 yeah but you can't just "clear" your browser window size, transcoding fingerprints, device capability profile, and stuff like that. Linuxfestnw had a good talk about this a few years ago. Fingerprinting is INSANE.

@silverhax @joeligj12 precisely! We've come a long way from "Oh looks like our Internet Explorer results went up 10% this month".

Whether or not it's necessarily a good thing is yet another convo tho

@wholesomedonut @joeligj12 I'm seeing it just like any other incidental turbulence from moving through a space. The problem is more the datawarehousing and mining markets allowing private sale of the data. If each data sale was disclosed to the user (showing you your 'ripples' in the net) then the whole thing would be pretty fair and accountable.

@joeligj12 If you search up something on a search engine, often times you end up on a Reddit thread. Reddit records which subreddits you've been to logged out, and then automatically joins you when you create an account

@joeligj12 Actually Reddit does this through Cookies. If you remove cookies once in a while, Reddit won't know which communities you might be interested in

@joeligj12 you’ve probably visited those subreddits on your computer before, which Reddit keeps track of. When you create an account, it recommends to join them


I haven't been on Reddit in over a year. This practice of auto joining makes me glad to stay away. It turned into a cesspool. Lemmy it is for me.

@PublicNuisance @joeligj12 likewise. I canceled my reddit account about a year ago and don't regret it. It's mostly junk memes and crazy politics. HN is much better.

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