This game is looking awesome, madi with and it started a campaign this month, so. Please, make sure to back it up if you can!

Zoe and the cursed Dreamer is an indie game made with .

Here is the link to its

And you can play the demo in

Boost this pls, the kickstarter will end in 2 weeks

I have a lot of faith in this project, so I hope it manages to get done.

It will eventually be finished even if the campaign fails, but it will take even more time to be done so, pls help it

You can also watch the trailer here!

This project is totally solo, music, art and code will all be done by Game Endeavor, so help him out pls

@joeligj12 Looks really interesting! Definitely going to try it, especially since it's made with godot. :)

Boosted your reply as it contains the links to the kickstarter and itchio pages.

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