Trying Pale Moon browser, going back to firefox, sharing some extensions, and a pretty useful alias for me and also if you do blogs

Day 26 of

@joeligj12 no-script is the best Firefox extension, it has completely changed my browsing when I'm at work.

@sotolf @joeligj12 no script is cool, but I just disable javascript on ublock origin and selectively enable it with the same extension - guess it's quite the same :D

@marcosg @joeligj12 not quite, since with ublock unless you do quite a bit of configuration it's all or nothing, either you block all scripts on a page, or you allow all of it, with no-script you don't have to slow tracking to slow some scripts.

@joeligj12 i find firefox and chromium in Fedora good enough for me.

Chromium is faster, arguably more secure and requires less customization (just add ublock origin and disable google stuff with two clicks), on Firefox you need to change A LOT of stuff before it becomes less of a spyware and more a user-respecting browser.

But Firefox will be safe from the Manifestv3 update, it will be enforced in a year or so on all Chromiums, making ublock origin completely useless on them.

@marcosg now thats quite a controversial opinion. Why dont u go Libre Wolf and be done with both while staying away from Google?

@joeligj12 Options from repository are good enough for me, and are properly maintained

Chromium doesn't spy on me with those two options disabled, and I carefully removed all tracking and proprietary software from Firefox

I would have no real advantage to switch to LibreWolf from FF or Chromium

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