So, I could not just stop with a simple terminal command. I decided to make a rofi menu to automate the making of new blogs even more!

This was day 25 of

As you can see, there are some repetitive parts in my code, do you have any suggestions to make it simpler? I know there are functions and they probably work but I was a bit confused with them

@joeligj12 When I make blog post I do it the super super super long way lol. Like make the HTML file save it to the directory, then add that directory to 2 separate files and then add to my XML file for the RSS feed. Wow typing showed me that I need to fix this 😂

@koreymoffett Wait WHAT. You have not made a script for that? HOW DARE U???
Also, arent u using a static site generator that should do that anyways?

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