Do you use a launcher on your android phone? Wich one? Have u tried the latest Nova betas on their Discord server?
Make sure to especify wich one if you choose something other than Nova xD

@joeligj12 I just use the default launcher on Lineage OS, Trebuchet i believe its called

@joeligj12 I've yet to try a launcher other than the vanilla one! Curious what nova is like

@joeligj12 Librechair (FOSS Lawnchair fork with a ton of customization). I'd never use anything that isn't free software so I haven't tried Nova. But I'm happy with my launcher.

@joeligj12 I use Action Launcher. I tried Niagara and it was mostly good. I don't remember why I went back to AL, but both are good.

@joeligj12 I quite like the minimal, but being ungoogled I am unable to get the "premium" features. Which I don't mind paying for, but I can't pay with Google.

@wylel wait. Wich minimal? I used minimal as a generalization of simple launchers

@joeligj12 yeah, that's what I mean. My favorite is Niagara

@joeligj12 been using Evie, should probably change, haven't yet

@dried evie was great, but I dont think it's being developed anymore

@joeligj12 Microsoft launcher. Works best to integrate with my work accounts.

Open launcher, keep it very messy, but thats what works for me

@Twelve tried it, its kinda nice, doesn't feel polished enough for me, but promising

I will agree, experience. Far from pwrfect, reminds me a jit of some older android versions, but idk. I quite enjoy the hank tbh. Betger then what ly phone shipped with. least made it much easier to swap backgroynd. Thabks samsung

I also use lineage on my othwr phone and that launcher is kinda sumulsr, but i much prefer it

@Twelve Well. I am glad mastodon allows you to redo your toots lmao

@joeligj12 A launcher for what? I don't get what this question's about and what that software is supposed to do...

@cirno oof. Launchers are kind of the main selling point of android devices,because they represent the highest level of customization (without need of superuser permissions).
They allow you to customize the app icons, the layout of the icon, gestures in the home screen.
Or they allow you to reduce everything to simple list of app names and a search bar. All is up to your choice.
If I don't explain myself well, you should try one of the names shown in the poll.
Niagara is a good starting point

@joeligj12 Huh. I've been using Android for some 9 years and I've never even heard of launchers...

@cirno well, I recommend you to at least try some, its very fun. Similar to changing Desktop Environments on linux, but not as scary

Nova mainly but I have used lawnchair when it's been installed in lineage based roms in the past

@joeligj12 I use Nova, been using it for years. I would love to switch to something open source but nothing comes close.

Nova + Sesame shortcuts 👌. Sadly it is not foss, but they seem to respect your privacy. The search in Nova gets almost as good as Gnome search.

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