When sharing birdsite links, you can use alternative frontends like which are faster and without "Please sign up I beg you" popups.

There are many frontends, just replace the url and you got it.

You can also follow users via

Also, if you prefer to still follow twitter users without an account and without using a bot mirror for mastodon, you can use , a pretty decent client for Android that doesn't need an account to work, available on f-droid

@posty the truth of the matter is that not everyone is going to move here, and some interesting stuff will still happen there. So, as annoying as it is, stuff like this is necessary for many

@posty not everyone is ready to live like you do, its sad but its true

I decided to drop half my non-mutuals on twitter and the rest got put into rss via nitter. Has been a good to decrease my engagement with that site.

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