Where do you spend the most time in ?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

@joel I use ios app, and I have just access to hoem timeline, I don’t know how to see local and federated timeline.

@Amino the main app is like that, it has received some criticism by power users but I guess it's better for novices, I would consider switching to Metatext or Tooot but I don't have iOS and idk a ton of alternatives, the ones I mentioned are pretty trustworthy

@Amino @joel I’m using Toot! on IOS, it’s paid but I’m very happy with it

@joel Currently in the Home Timeline, but maybe changing to the local one since it is much more active now.

@joel It’s ‘home’ for me as I only have a single user instance currently. So home shows me all the people I follow, which is perfect for me.

@joel As this server has just me on it basically (one other person that is idle), the "local" timeline is a tad on the boring side 🙂

@joel Sorry, did I say "boring"... It only has my posts, and they are not "boring", obviously... I just like to read what other people say as well 🙂

@katzenberger Not sure if it’s an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the way Lists work in Twitter, i.e. you’re not required to follow an account before adding it to a list.

The Mastodon way fills up my Home way too fast for it to be valuable…or I just realized, do Mastodon Lists users (such as you) often choose to ignore Home altogether and use Lists to replace it? :ablobcatattention:

@unperson Exactly. Home is practically useless for me. I'm used to focusing on topics, so the indiscriminate timeline stream does not make much sense for me (!). The Local timeline makes sense for exploring my instance, though.

List management in Mastodon is still clumsy (no matter what app, also in web frontend), and I also wish I could add accounts without following them.

@katzenberger Ah, that makes perfect sense now! I prefer focusing on topics too, but for whatever reason I could stick with Lemmy (join-lemmy.org). Reddit is still one of the few centralized social networks I use on a daily basis.

Although Mastodon’s groups feature still haven’t disclosed much details, maybe that’ll encourage more topics-focused interactions if done right.

@unperson At the moment, I'd prefer matrix/element "spaces", since I need groups more for collaboration (with a bit of privacy). Element still does not fully support threads, though, so you're still drowning in a stream of messages there.

@joel At the moment, None of the above.

Being new, I'm still spending a lot of time trying to find new folks to follow, which involves reading through many profiles to see if posts match my interests.

Hopefully home once I can start finding the content I'm interested in.

@joel Home for now, actively trying to spend more time in Local and see how it goes. Just migrated from .social and I understandably never used its Local.

Fosstodon is such a great community!

@joel seems federated timeline can be removed

@joel Local timeline is more interesting. But in my opinion all of them are nice.

@joel well less the timeline itself but more pinned column with hashtags I follow

@joel I had to answer "home" but it's probably cheating as I'm on a single-user instance

@joel I voted "home" but in fact it's mostly list-columns. Only get through them all and onto "home" on days with no work to do.

@joel as I run an instance-of-one my local timeline isn’t that great for interaction with others. 🤣

Since I am alone on my instance those 3 timelines are the same thing 😅

@joel I do. But there is no local since it is only me on this instance and federate is the same thing as my home.
I do use local on the pixelfed instance I am in though (don't self host that one - yet).

@joel I already follow enough people that I don't go on the Local or Federated timelines as much as I used to.

Maybe I've actually followed too many people, it's impossible to focus on posts.

@joel @oklomsy Looking forward to groups. I think they’ll solve this.

@ilyess @joel For now I will have to filter my home feed. I don't like that there is only an option to filter out all replies, I want to filter out replies to a thread I have visited.

@joel @oklomsy Thread silencing could actually be nice. Good idea!

cc @Mastodon

@oklomsy @ilyess @joel I also feel like I don't really need to see my own toots there, it's not that often that it's useful I think

@joel While I nominally use the home timeline most, I do use the federated timeline a fair bit and I do also pay attention to notifications as they come in. I have found the local timeline to be of dubious utility most of the time, though I still check it once in a while.

@joel wait I pressed the wrong one
I've been here how many years and I still don't know how to unvote

@joel Running my own instance with just me + 2 inactive friends means my local timeline is _very_ quiet. Home is usually where I go to see what's up but when that gets to quiet I jump the the Federated timeline instead.

It's also a great way to discover new folks.

@joel on one list of close people, then a little on home (voted home)

@joel For now it's the #settings. 😅 Anyway, I would like to use Federated more but it's unusable for me because of the constant refreshing of the timeline. Impossible to read anything without keeping the scroll button moving. And Local is kinda "quiet" which is odd.

@joel Home timeline on mobile, Home/Local/hashtags on desktop where I have the screen real estate.

@joel (Although I might be skewing this away from local because I have an instance of one. So local makes so sense for me.)

@lucifer make one yourself :blobcatderpy:


I may do one, but it's not as standard, I don't think bookwyrm or funkwhale work similarly enough to make a poll that includes them, for example

The examples you included don't really do the same thing as say plemora or misskey tho do they? Do they use activitypub, yes, but in a different way.

@lucifer indeed, the fediverse is quite vast nowadays, so a mastodon poll is not enough :blobcatderpy:

I guess I've seen, with the huge influx of new users, a lot of 'mastodon = fediverse' discussions. But I suppose I'm in the minority on that.

@lucifer you are right, I use other services where I post other things and for different uses. So yeah, some people still don't know about those and it's important that they are aware of their existence

I think they should first understand what an instance is first tho, some don't even understand that yet

@joel mostly I haven’t figured out how to go to the other timelines in the mastodon app 😅

@doc I think you can go to the discover tab, then to community to view the local timeline, but the official app is kinda lackluster in the opinion of the most veteran users, there are other clients that allow you to easily view other timelines, like tusky or fedilab on Android, and Metatext or Tooot on iOS

@joel thanks for the tips, I’ll check out the alternatives!

@doc @joel the official Mastodon app for ios didn’t have the local and federated tabs, just home, if I’m not mistaken.

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