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A new where I express my gratitude for what you all did for me, seriously, it made me think a lot about the future of my website and as a part of this wonderful community, I just hope I don't mess it up.

This is day 90 of

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I just realized there is a snapshot of my website all the way back to my second month since I started posting. This is awesome

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A tutorial on how to add based comments to your static website using (probably will work on too)

This is day 69 (nice) of

Make sure to leave a comment if you want to test it yourself, although it has worked for a while now :P

I just made a new post describing my experience installing on , and I gotta say, it was painful.

This is day 94 of , enjoy my suffering...

I have to install because of school, no official support for Linux mint or it seems, last time I dual booted but I don't feel like doing that. Will try to use alien to convert the rpm files and see what's up

This is gonna take a while..

Almost died, easy tho

Wordle 220 6/6


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Alrighty, my setup is ready, decided to go for something simpler and red, I still have to setup a bar, but that's for tomorrow

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Almost done setting up DWM, just creating some keybindings I gotta add

My class finished earlier than expected, I might take this time to setup back to how I had it... from scratch becaue I like suffering.

Any patches that don't work on the new 6.3 version?

I decided to talk about services and do a little overview over the ones I've used in the past, for and such, I kinda focused a bit more on , since I was testing it today and was pleasantly surprised with it.

Please let me know what you think

This is day 93 of

When will we get RCS based messaging apps that are not Google Messages :blobcatderpy:

So I went to sleep again like since my last post while listening to some raining sounds

I dreamed me crying and sad and I kinda felt weird, then everybody around me started genuinely crying and feel saddened with me.

Weirdly enough, I didn't felt ashamed or uncomfortable, I felt relieved.

I woke up, and its as if I slept another three hours. Ready to start the day

Good morning fellow fediverse comrades, I woke up earlier than expected

Super lucky this time around

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I had to write something today, so I went with a few I use quite a lot and maybe you guys might have some use for them too.

This is day 92 of

I hope you find it useful!

Today was a hard one, almost thought I was going to mess it up...
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I switched to 12 finally, and I have some about it and android roms, privacy and stuff in general, wrote a little something in my

This is day 91 of

Leave your comments in this post!

I am typing this from Tusky which just got restored thanks to Migrate, an app that recently went open source!

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Android 12 has been installed on my device, and I did not even need to wipe my local storage this time, epic!

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Today I will be wiping my custom ROM and finally trying android 12 on my device :blobcatderpy:

Had no idea this was a word, but after getting three right there weren't many options :blobcatderpy:
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So, doing Meta+0 in brings up all open windows in all tags (aka DWM workspaces)
Is there a patch that makes it so by clicking on a window while in that 'overview' I get to swap to the tag where that window is located? :blobcatderpy:

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