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A tutorial on how to add based comments to your static website using (probably will work on too)

This is day 69 (nice) of

Make sure to leave a comment if you want to test it yourself, although it has worked for a while now :P

I have never had so much money given to me in a single day, not even my birthday lol, thank you all people.

If you feel like "meh, he already got enough, I want what I gave back" please let me know too xD

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Ok, so I already got more than enough donations to keep my domain (or acquire a new, cooler one if the current one is free as @kev said), thank you so much guys!

If you still wanna give, be it because you like me, because of contributions I've made to stuff such as the icon pack, or because you like the games I've done with before, I guess you can still donate some more bucks if you want :blobcatheart:

But only if you can afford it, seriously. Thank you so much everyone

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right, so the things they asked for have been sent, and I am still getting your donations, so its all right if you were wondering guys :P

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ok now thinks I am doing something fishy and they temporarily limited my account :blobcatderpy:

Working on it lol

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I noticed my current paypal link treats the money as if it was payment for something, I just configured it to be a donation link instead, so, sorry for that lol

proper link is at

The button in my site is getting updated too, just pushed the change

@ghost_letters @binyamin

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If you feel like helping me out, you can consider donating to my paypal account, which is all I've got, or even liberapay but its up to you

Check the links here, only do it if you actually can, don't put yourself in a situation like mine where you can't even afford to renew a domain lol

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So, my domain name is about to expire, and I am a bit sad about what will happen to the posts I've done here since I can't afford it, I wrote about it for today's for day 89 of

Today's was pretty simple indeed...

Wordle 215 3/6


A short blog that continues a bit with my previous blog about calendar syncing, webdav, caldav and stuff like that

This is day 88 of

Got a bit lucky, but I had been working with some tools that use this word yesterday
214 2/6



Watching anime ended up being a good thing today
213 4/6


I love how my country made a bill so pretty people don't want to give it away and are willing to pay dozens of times its price just to have it...

A quick post explaining what is to some of you all who still don't get it :blobcatderpy:

This is day 86 of


Dang it that was so closeeeee
Wordle 212 X/6


The day has not ended yet, so I decided to write another short slice of life (of a user) post on my :blobcatderpy:

This is day 85 of

Me: About to switch distro on family computer because of graphics flickering back and forth
*Remembers to try plugging the monitor to a different port*
Computer: "Thanks I'm fine now"

Remember guys, first try the simplest solutions instead of complicating yourselves :blobcatderpy:

This one was quite hard for me, but I still managed lol

211 6/6


I did a quick about going out to buy shoes with family. So yes, I ended up updating my today :P

This is day 84 of

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