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Since I woke up, and there's new users here,

I am Joel, , 21, studying but I enjoy learning other things online instead

I like and styling my stuff, such as , or my

I like meeting new people, my attempts at humor are terrible, my posts get kinda famous, I enjoy getting into new


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So today my domain died, I didn't got an email to renew it, but its fine. I now bought but I am working on setting up the certificates to get https enabled. Sorry if your RSS broke too oof

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I just realized there is a snapshot of my website all the way back to my second month since I started posting. This is awesome

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A tutorial on how to add based comments to your static website using (probably will work on too)

This is day 69 (nice) of

Make sure to leave a comment if you want to test it yourself, although it has worked for a while now :P

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Reviving my Raspberry Pi led me to Yunohost, which was quite tedious, but it might end up easier than what I used before in the long run.

lol, I don't know if its me reading myself or if you can tell by the way I write that I kinda wanted to get this out of the way so I can keep playing around with this tool xD

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Reviving my Raspberry Pi led me to Yunohost, which was quite tedious, but it might end up easier than what I used before in the long run.

Domain management is kind of a breeze tho, I remember how much I struggled to make the apache conf files to setup reverse proxy shenanigans

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Yunohost feels a little more hand-hold-ish than , which is a good thing for most novices, but feels kinda too easy for xD

I am not complaining tho, it just feels weird to not be able to follow whats happening in the background as easily

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I installed and without any problems with

It is time to go with next!

Didn't see any options to use my hdd as the storage tho, maybe I'll have to change that myself...

so the raspberry pi ends up in a black screen when I plug it to a display, I guess I'll have to install the OS again, very sad

The pinetime is just too expensive to ship where I live, I gotta live with what I can get :P

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I just ordered a Mi Band 7, since support is on the horizon :P

Will have to use the official app for a bit sadly, but I am willing to sacrifice some just to play around with a shiny new toy :blobcatderpy:

I need to keep my average above 90 (out of a 100) and this class may ruin me.

But I won't give up, I have to do this

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I realized I am actually scared of this class, I am the literal embodiment of the "Everything's fine" meme while my house is on fire

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Guys I am afraid I ended up with a teacher that haunted me during my first semester, and has finally returned to become the reason of my nightmares once again.

Two of the people I trusted would prevail, are planning to quit whatever it takes (you are not usually able to quit a class, but its possible if you try hard enough I guess).

I remain hopeful I can at least keep my average with the rest of classes :blobcatsadlife:

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“Get background play with YouTube Premium.”

“Ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music for up to 6 members of a household. 1 month free.”

“Want YouTube without the ads? Get YouTube Premium.”

Skip trial. Skip trial. Skip trial. Skip trial. Skip trial. Skip trial. Skip trial. …

I decided to rename all my apps to lowercase, I think it looks kinda a e s t e t h i c

Also is the best

Any of you separates their apps by them being either or proprietary?


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I know that is horribly evil, and that sucks in the worst possible way, but I must say that I am impressed that my eight-year-old Paperwhite works as well as the day I got it, if not better.

There's no excuse for the upgrade treadmill, ever.

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OSMAnd is spyware that leaks your travel history to the OSMAnd developers, even if you have analytics/telemetry turned off!

This unethical and consent-violating data leak exists in both the iOS and Android versions. It's not an accident - they are deliberately phoning home with a unique identifier.

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